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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Double Dragon Nintendo Wii Cheats

Additional moves
Accumulate 1000 experience points, as noted in the counter the bottom left corner. One additional heart and a new move (in the following order) will be awarded.

Jump kick
Hair pull
Pin attack
Elbow punch
Spin kick

Defeating Chin easily
The level two Boss, Chin, can be defeated by quickly climbing down the ladders after he appears. Keep climbing downward until the end of level music is played.

More experience
Begin game play and reach mission 2. Get the baseball bat from the opponent that is on top of the fence. Next, jump off the fence and let the two thugs come after your character. Get the top thug to come to the end of the red pipes at the top of the screen. Once he is at that location, run up the fence and move all the way to the end of it. Then, turn around, jump back off the fence, and go to the end of the pipes. Although no opponents will be in sight, start swinging your bat at the end of the pipes for more experience and faster move learning.

Looping level
Toward the end of Mission 1 (after you beat up the men with the barrel) you will reach a door and two girls with a jump rope. Keep walking to the right until you reach the wall, where there are two vertical bars. Press Up and you will walk up the wall. If you press A, B, or A + B, you will get hurt and fall off the wall. If you keep going up off the top edge of the screen, you will loop back and come up from the bottom.

Easy ability gain
On Mission 2 you can max out your statistics by climbing the fence, kill the Will at the top then drop down to the other side. Move forward and wait for Will to come close. When he reaches the end of the pipes in the background, climb back up the fence. Then move your character left until you walk to the edge of the yellow marker. Don't go too far left or the badguys will die and the trick won't work. (you'll now they died when the pointer tells you to go forward.) Then move back and Will should be invisible. He won't be able to attack, but you can attack him many times. If you have the bat, just hit the spot he was standing in over and over until you heart level is seven. You can keep hitting as many times as you want as long as the time doesn't run out.

Transform Linda's whip to a bat
On stage two, collect the whip from Linda before you climb the ladder. When you climb the second ladder, have the Linda knock down the player (the weapon is unequipped at the same time). Defeat the Lindas and pick up the weapon just before it disappears (pick it up on the second blink) and you will then have a bat to finish the stage.

Bypass Second Stage boss
At the end of mission 2, as soon as the end-boss comes out of the door, climb down the ladder. After descending a second or third story, you should hear the sound of victory. Your opponent has been defeated and you can move on to the third mission!

1st Level Glitch
Start playing the first level of Double Dragon until you see the second set of double doors. When you get there, take notice of the two vertical bars on the right hand wall. Kill all of the enemies, and then center Billy between the bars. From there, you can climb up and down without turning the characters back to you. If you go up, you can go off screen without losing a life. If you are up high, press left or right and you will "teleport" to ground level. Note: If you go too far down you will lose a life.

Friday, January 30, 2015

DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure Nintendo Wii Cheats

Level Passwords
You can use one of the following level passwords:
Password: --- Result:
0503 --- Game Credits
4074 --- Mini Game 1
0220 --- Mini Game 2
1104 --- Mini Game 3
1940 --- World 2
3938 --- World 3
5488 --- World 4
0615 --- World 5
6072 --- World 6
0730 --- World 7

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Need For Speed: The Run Nintendo Wii Cheats

Nitro use
It's best to keep you in the slipstream of your opponent, you have enough nitro, so you drive past him and uses it quiet to fully come out quickly to top speed to dodge him.

El Portal Road in Yosemite Park CA - Time Trial
Be careful at this stage, in the time trial you are certainly under pressure and want as quickly as possible to reach the next checkpoint, but go to many and especially sharp curves make you life difficult, so you should more cautious to work and prefer a bit more step on the brake.

Get rid of enemies
Get rid of a good tactic opponents there, either, if you are behind you not to let pass, obtrude by constantly of your car or wait until the rear of the other vehicle to your front bumper is, your rams off the car at the rear and you have your opponent for the moment going on, because he has come to slip or come off the web.

Optimal timing of the use of nitro
You should use paint best when the opponent is very close with his front bumper to your rear, which have then been almost used up their nitro and you can use yours to be gone very quickly.

Soundtrack in NFS the run
Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog
Reverend horton Heat - Big Red Rocket of Love
Rival Sons - Save Me
The Black Angels - Better off Alone
Unkle Feat. Nick Cave - Take the Money and Run
Ritmo Machine - La Calle
MonstrO - Solar
Black Keys - Lonely Boy
Black Lips - The Lie
Black Pistol Fire - Trigger On My Fire
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Way it Was
BRMC - Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Canned Heat - On the Road Again
Dan Auerbach - Heartbroken, In Disrepair
Dead Weather - Treat me Like Your Mother
Donovan - Riki Tiki Tavi
Endless Boogie - Empty Eye
Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You A Thang
Girls Against Boys - Bulletproof Cupid
Handsome Furs - Damage
London Souls - the Sound
Lykke Li - Get Some
Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl
Middle Class Rut - Alive or Dead
Ministry - NWO

VIP Bonuses
Electronic Arts rewarded veterans of the series with special bonus items. The only requirement is that you have with your EA account to play the demo already, NFS Hot Pursuit, NFS World or Shift 2 Unleashed played.

To get the bonuses, you have only one of the above Have played games with the same account as the game now. In the game you can then redeem the online pass. Look in the game menu under "Tools" under "Verify Need for Speed
VIP status." There, you will then see whether you're Vip NFS.

VIP Bonuses:
NFS The Run demo: Players get the demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the BMW 1 M Coupe in the NFS edition.
NFS Hot Pursuit: You gain a Hot Pursuit profile icon (PC, PS3, 360) and the Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3.
NFS World: You get the Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3.
Shift 2 Unleashed: You gain a profile icon Unlimited 2 (PC, PS3, 360) and the Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3.

Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race Nintendo Wii Cheats

Two top-tier unlockable characters
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Cranky Kong --- Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 3, mission 24
Funky Kong --- Complete Diamond on Rookie
King K. Rool --- Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 4, mission 31
Lanky Kong --- Complete Topaz on Rookie
Tiny Kong --- Complete Saphire on Rookie

Unlockable New Cups:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Diamond Cup --- Complete Sapphire Cup on Rookie
Platinum Cup --- Complete Diamond Cup on Rookie
Sapphire Cup --- Complete Topaz Cup on Rookie
Selection Cup --- Complete Diamond Cup on Rookie

Unlocking Characters
Generally, when you're unlocking characters (by playing a "cup" challenge), you can predict the type of character you will unlock. If you play as a "Kong" character (like Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong), you will unlock a like type character, while if you play as a Kremling (like Kritter or Kip), you will unlock a character similar to them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Donkey Kong Jet Race Nintendo Wii Cheats

Two top-tier unlockable characters
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Cranky Kong --- Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 3, mission 24
Funky Kong --- Complete Diamond on Rookie
King K. Rool --- Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 4, mission 31
Lanky Kong --- Complete Topaz on Rookie
Tiny Kong --- Complete Saphire on Rookie

Unlockable New Cups:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Diamond Cup --- Complete Sapphire Cup on Rookie
Platinum Cup --- Complete Diamond Cup on Rookie
Sapphire Cup --- Complete Topaz Cup on Rookie
Selection Cup --- Complete Diamond Cup on Rookie

Unlocking Characters
Generally, when you're unlocking characters (by playing a "cup" challenge), you can predict the type of character you will unlock. If you play as a "Kong" character (like Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong), you will unlock a like type character, while if you play as a Kremling (like Kritter or Kip), you will unlock a character similar to them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat: Wii De Asobu Nintendo Wii Cheats

Earn three crests on a barrel's set of three kingdoms to unlock a bonus kingdom.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Banana Banquet --- Earn 3 crests on Kong of the Mountain
Chili Pepper Kingdom --- Obtain all crests on the Lemon, Grape, and Cherry Kingdoms.
Kong of the Mountain --- Earn 3 crests on Vs. Ghastly King
Lychee Kingdom --- Obtain all crests on the Apple, Strawberry, and Pineapple Kingdoms.
Pear Kingdom --- Obtain all crests on the Banana, Orange, and Watermelon Kingdoms
Star Fruit Kingdom --- Obtain all crests on the Peach, Melon, and Durian Kingdoms.

Donkey Kong's Crown
Earn all 60 crests (3 per kingdom), and DK will don the crown he wears during the Crest Check during gameplay.

Alternate boss endings
When fighting a Hog boss, make the final blow with a melon as opposed to punching him.
When fighting a Roc boss, make the final blow the stunning attack, as opposed to attacking the bomb-thingy the Roc is carrying.
If you do this, you'll gain a different boss death sequence than the normal one.

Total Beats
Collect all 72 medals and your total number of beats will be displayed on the title screen (upper left corner).

Ninjapes in Ending Ceremony
Collect all 72 crests and beat either VS CACTUS KING or VS GHASTLY KING. During the Ending Ceremony most of the white chimps have now been replaced with Ninjapes.

New Menu Music
Collect all 72 crests and a new song will play when browsing the main menu.

Beaten Kings in Ending Ceremony
Unlock and beat VS GHASTLY KING to have Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong and Sumo Kong following you in the background during the Ending Ceremony.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Donkey Kong Country Returns Nintendo Wii Cheats

World 9
Collect all eight Rare Orbs to unlock World 9, "The Golden Temple".

Rare Orb
You have to finish the bonus level in a world.

Bonus level
All levels in a world except for the Boss levels have hidden K, O, N, and G letters. Collect all four of those letters in all levels in a world to unlock a bonus level. There are a total of eight bonus levels.

Hidden Music galleries
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Gallery: Beach music --- Beat the Boss at the Beach section.
Gallery: Cave music --- Beat the Boss at the Cave section.
Gallery: Cliff music --- Beat the Boss at the Cliff section.
Gallery: Factory music --- Beat the Boss at the Factory section.
Gallery: Forest music --- Beat the Boss at the Forest section.
Gallery: Jungle music --- Beat the Boss at the Jungle section.
Gallery: Ruins music --- Beat the Boss at the Ruins section.
Gallery: Volcano music --- Beat the Boss at the Volcano section.

3 Extra Lives
Begin playing one of your game saves with a low battery charge on your remote to initiate a message from Cranky; he will warn that your battery is low and award you extra lives to help you out.

More hits and rewards
When you collect your prize from the barrel at the end of the level, keep the Wiimote vertically and make punching motions to get multiple hits, and more rewards.

Television control at World 1-1
At the tree house at the beginning of World 1-1. Go to the television and shake the Wiimote to have it display the title screen.

Free coins
Using diddy enter level 2-2 sloppy sands look for 2 squid cannons under bridge hit jump and up to bounce from lower one to higher one hit high one for coins then jump to low one unlimited times for infinite coins.

Metroid - Ridley's head
In the silhouette level of the factory area, at the background of the factory equipment, you see the shape of Ridleys head..

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cheat Mode
Highlight a saved game file at the game selection screen. Press L, R(2), L, R(2), L, R, L, R to display a cheat menu:

Enter ASAVE to automatically save after each completed level.

Fifty lives:
Enter LIVES.

Christmas mode:
Enter MERRY to hear Christmas music and turn the stars into bells, and bananas into blue presents during the bonus levels.

Sound test:
Enter MUSIC.

Alternate colors:
Enter COLOR to dress
Dixie's in purple and Kiddy's in green.

Bonus coins:
Enter WATER.
Dixie will cry to confirm correct code entry. Swim to the waterfall to the left of Funky's Rentals without any companions. Approach and touch the waterfall on the left side of the map. Enter and beat the Banana bird cave behind the waterfall to find 85 bonus coins.

Expert difficulty:
Enter HARDR to make the game more challenging.

No halfway barrels:
Enter TUFST. This code also allows the game to be finished with a 105% completion and a different ending.

Erase time records:
Enter ERASE.

Extended music
Press L, R, A, B, X, Y at the game over screen when the small cubes appear after the song is done to play different notes. Press Start to quit.

Lost World Of Krematoa
Locate the four rocks that are placed in a circle. Jet ski around the rocks in a counter-clockwise circle until a noise is heard. The Lost World will appear in the light blue circle in the water between the rocks.

Easy final K. Rool battle
To defeat the final K. Rool (in the sub) easier, pause the game when he starts firing the lower sparks from his generator. Normally it will diffuse on the metal barrel, but you can dodge it completely by pausing the game when the lower spark appears. If done correctly, the end pieces will remain on screen, but the middle will be still moving. Wait until it completely crosses the screen before resuming the game. Proper timing is important, as mistiming will result in a long spark that fills the screen.

Find the Mother Banana Bird
When you get the Gyrocopter, fly to the clouds. Search in the clouds until you go to another area. The Mother Banana Bird will be there. She is trapped and you will need all of the Banana Birds to free her. There are thirteen of them. She tells a great story of how she and her children (the Banana Birds) got trapped. Note: To find three Banana Birds, get the Gyrocopter. There is a cave at the top right of the screen as well as at the bottom, close to where you jumped into the water to begin your journey. The last one is up on the island by the clouds.

Bobbing Barrel Brawl: Shortcut
Team up above the Red Bee at the beginning

Murkey Mill: Shortcut
When you are at the top of the wooden elevator, stack up on each other and throw Dixie near the top of the left side edge. This is a shortcut to the end of the level.

Defeating Belcha
Belcha will spit barrels out of his mouth. Jump on the barrels and a bug will appear. Jump on the bug and pick it up. Throw it back in Belcha's mouth. Belcha will jump backwards into a hole on the right.

Riverside Race: Shortcut
Two Kongs are required for this trick. When you get to the second lake at Riverside Race where there is one fish, do not dive. Instead, make the Blue Kong throw the Pink Kong so that the Pink Kong reaches a warp barrel. By doing this, you will beat the bear's record time.

Skidda's Row: Unlimited silver coins
Get to the "B" box to kill the enemies. When it takes you out of it, you can return and go back in it. Run in to an enemy and when you come out it will give you a silver coin so you can buy items. Repeat this to get as many coins as needed.

Squeals On Wheels: Shortcut
In World 2, go through the first door and with Kiddy, press A then B to jump. Press Y and hold Up and you will find a winner's barrel to get transported to the end.

Defeating Arich
Play as Dixie, but do not lose Kiddy. Hit Arich two times by just holding the barrel, then wait for him to come down to get hit by it. Then, immediately switch places with Kiddy. Jump on Arich's back and get the barrel. You will not have to wait for or worry about him spitting balls at you. Next, run down almost as far as possible and throw the barrel upwards. Again, you will not have to wait for him to spit balls. Immediately put Dixie on your shoulders and throw her up to the branch. Get the barrel again and run almost as far as possible. Throw the barrel upwards and Arich will give up.

Defeating Kaos
Play as Kiddy. When Kaos stops and his blades start to rotate, press A to put Dixie on Kiddy's shoulders and jump from blade to blade. At the exact moment after you hit Kaos in the middle of his head, continuously throw Dixie up into the air and move back enough so that she will land back on Kiddy repeatedly. If done incorrectly, bouncing off Kaos' head will send you too far from his head, and bring you to the floor. Otherwise, you will defeat him, but not completely, as he leaves and you will not see him again until you enter K. Rool's lab. If you have a controller with a turbo feature, you should not have any problems throwing Dixie continuously. You will not have to wait for him to move back and forth, or shoot you. If you hit him only two times then fall to the floor, you still have to wait the total amount of time for him to go back and forth the total number of times he does after the first two times you hit him and fall to the floor. With three or more hits, you will just have to avoid getting shot before trying again to hit him.

Legend Of Zelda reference
Once you gain five Bear Coins, return to Wrinkley's Save Cave. Go to where you went when you started the game. Next to her cave is one of the bears. Go there and he will have a shell and a mirror on sale. Buy the shell. You will now be able to ask the bear about a castle. Ask him about it. He says that he will give you information on it for two coins. Say "No" and he will start talking about Link. He will even mention rupees.

Defeating the Lost World Of Krematoa Boss
First, access the Lost World Of Krematoa island. Will need over 75 "B" Coins. Go to the house and enter it. Give all your "B" Coins to the bear and he will give you dynamite in exchange. When you exit, you should automatically blow up all the rocks in your way. After you complete all the levels, you should end up at the save cave. Go to the left and you will be at the bear's house. Give all of your Cogs to him, and you will unlock the nautilus. You will then have to fight the captain. Stay in the middle of the room and you will not get hit by the fireballs or the laser beam. When they stop, grab the barrel and go to the middle of the room again. You will see a vent on the top of the room. Hold Up and throw your barrel into it. If timed correctly, you will hit him on his propeller. He will fly towards you. At that moment, grab a barrel and go left or right and jump on the laser beam shooter. When he comes to you , wait until he turns around. Then, throw your barrel at the propeller on his jet pack. Do this about three times and he will go back into the background. Use the same strategy until he starts making the floor move. Then, throw the barrel into the vent. If you hit him, he will come towards you again. This time do not touch the barrel. Watch the laser shooter and a short laser will emerge from it. If you lay the barrel down (hold Down and release Y), the laser will curl around it and disappear. Grab the barrel and throw it at the propeller. Take your time, and you will defeat him. After winning the battle, you will get a DK Coin.

Lose items
When you get the present from the snow bear, take it to Blue's Beach Hut and give it to him. When he opens it, he will give you it. Immediately before the bowling ball gets into your item box, run out of the cabin. If done correctly you should not have gotten the bowling ball. Do not save or else you will not be able to get the bowling ball back. You need the bowling ball to get a Banana Bird. If you go back into the beach hut, Blue will not have the ball and neither will you.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Nintendo Wii Cheats

Sound test
Select an empty save game slot at the select game screen. Highlight the "Two Player Contest" option at the player selection screen and quickly press Down(5).

Cheat Mode
Enable the "Sound test" code and continue to press Down(5). A "Cheat Mode" option will appear.

Extra difficult game
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Highlight the "Cheat Mode" option and press B, A, Right(2), A, Left, A, X. No DK barrels will appear in the game.

Fifty lives
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Highlight the "Cheat Mode" option and press Y, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A, Down.

View Kremcoin total
Repeatedly press L, R at the map screen until a screen with Cranky's score and coin total appears.

75 Kremcoins
Begin game play in Pirate Panic and enter K. Rool's cabin. Leave the cabin, jump over the two bananas, take the bunch that are on top of the barrels, and return to the cabin. Take the balloon, leave the cabin, jump over the same two bananas, grab the same bunch that were on the barrels, and return to the cabin. A token worth 75 Kremcoins should be inside.

99 banana coins
In the first level of the game, play until you get Rambi. Backtrack a short distance to find a crack in the floor (left of the N). Fall through and go right to reach a bonus stage. Run right to get the banana coin, then climb and get the other coin. When you come out of the stage, go left, down the crack again, and get the banana coin in the bonus stage again. Repeat this as needed. Rambi makes it easier.

Bramble Scramble: DK Coin
After the first Squawks, jump down the hole with Diddy and hold Right. You will pass the barrel with Dixie. Get the barrel and get Squitter. You can go through the bramble with a banana in it.

Gangplank Galleon: Shortcut
Go to where the four barrels are. Kill whoever is on them. Stand on the first barrel from the left and when you are on it (you need both Diddy and his girlfriend) press A. If you have Diddy playing and his girlfriend following, Diddy's girlfriend will hop onto Diddy's back. If you have Diddy's girlfriend playing and Diddy following her, Diddy will hop onto his girlfriend. Then, press B and quickly press Up + Y. You will go to a totally different place and find bananas. You can take them if desired. Go through the hole in the right side to reach the end of the level. Jump on the target to complete the level.

Team throw upwards above the first bonus room, which is on top of the first set of barrels

Notice the barrels stacked up on each other. At the top, you will see a bonus barrel. Have
Dixie and Diddy stand on top of each other. Throw the top monkey up to the right of the bonus barrel. This is a shortcut to the end of the level.

Gangplank Galley: Shortcut
At the start of the level, go to the top of the barrel stack and use one character to jump up and throw the other up and to the right of the bonus barrel.

Gangplank Galleon: DK Coin
Use Dixie's helicopter spin and jump off of the top barrel at the beginning, then grab onto a hook.

Haunted Haul: DK Coin
At the end target, go under the place. Come out and walk left.

Hot-Head Hop: Shortcut
At start of the level, use one character to throw other up and to the left to land on ledge. There is a chest with a green balloon in it. Throw your partner up again from the ledge to find a shortcut barrel.

Kannon's Klaim: Shortcut
At the start of the level, use Dixie to helicopter spin off the edge to the right (you will see arrow). It is the first bonus game. In bonus game, spin off the edge again to the right to find a DK coin. After leaving the bonus game, use the barrel launchers to go up until you see two TNT barrels side by side. Kill the two rats and the Kremling to get them out of the way. Then, using Dixie, jump off the ledge to the left then spin to the right (under the ledge) to find shortcut barrel.

Krem Quay: Easy lives
The first level, in Krem Quay, you must first get to the "No Rambi" sign. Shortly after that you will encounter two Kloaks throwing Klick-Klacks (beetles) Wait for the second one to finish throwing its second Klick-Klack -- he will attempt to leave. Follow him to the end, almost right next to you, to the platform. He will stop and throw a treasure chest. Do not break it open on the Kloak itself -- if you have not already killed all the beetles, use one of them. Do not kill the Kloak, because he will return to repeat the process. You can continue to kill one of the beetles or you can pile more and more chests on top of each other. The chests contain green baloons.

Lava Lagoon: Shortcut
At the start of the level, go past the first seal. Do not go in the water. You will see a Klaptrap. Kill it and get as close to the right edge as you can. Jump up and throw your partner straight up into shortcut barrel.

Lockjaw's Locker: Shortcut
Go to just past the "K" until the water rises, then swim back to where you fell down at. You will see a banana coin and a banana bunch. Directly to the right is a space. Swim into it, and it will take you to the end of the level. At the end, you can use your partner and jump high to the left and throw him/her straight up and to the left to get your DK coin.

Proceed as usual at the start of the level to get the water to rise. Then, back track to the beginning where you will see a small pocket opening, about two crates long, at the ceiling. It is recognizable as an area where there would be a K or a Banana Coin, but there is nothing there. Proceed and you will get in an invisible barrel. This will launch you to a small room with banana-shaped exclamation marks. From there you will go to the end of the level.

Wait until the water goes up and go back into that opening where it appears like a barrel will fit.

Mainbrace Mayhem shortcut
Begin game play in Mainbrace Mayhem as Dixie Kong. In the beginning of the first level, as you start to walk forward, go until you reach the edge. You should now see an arrow of bananas. Collect all of them and hang on to the ropes. You have to hold Y to jump far enough. Jump off the edge of the ropes to the left and hold Y button to just miss the edge and go over to the pole. A barrel will shoot you upwards. This will not work if there are mice above you. Collect everything and go all the way to the right to reach the very end of the board. Collect every thing on the ledge, then find the row of bananas going down. Jump down to land right on the ending target.

At the start of the level, using
Dixie, jump off to the right towards the arrow. Then, helicopter spin to the left under the mast into the shortcut barrel.

Pirate Panic: Shortcut
On the first row of barrels you reach, stand on the first barrel and have one character jump up and throw the other straight up into the short cut barrel.

Pirate Panic: Finish with 100%, all bonuses
On the first stage of the game, Pirate Panic, go into the room at the start, then exit. Go over the two bananas and get the bunch that is nearby. Go back into the room, jumping over the two bananas again. When you are in the room get the balloon. Exit the room. Jump over the same two bananas and get the same bunch. Go back into the room again and a token worth 75 Kremkions will be inside. Get it. Complete the stages without the need for special bonuses, since you have all the Kremkoins. Complete the game both ways, through the plane at the top of the island and the Lost World. Use the Kremkoins to get into the Lost World via Klubba and finish inside the volcano. To defeat Kaptain K.Rool, be careful and rapidly jump. If you keep avoiding the objects such as clouds and balls, he will eventually shoot a barrel. Jump on it and break it open. Get the barrel and throw it directly into his gun. He will explode and the last DK Coin will appear. If you finish the game both ways and get every DK Coin, you will end up with a 100% rating.

Pirate Panic: Shortcut
Team throw upwards from the first barrel on the first four barrel set

Red Hot Ride: Shortcut
Go to second balloon. Ride it to steam wisp just after the "K". While it is floating on steam wisp, jump up and throw your partner straight up into shortcut barrel.

Rickety Race: Shortcut
At the beginning of the level, when you jump on the skull cart, instead of pressing Right to go forward, press Left. This will take you into the shaft. Inside is a + Barrel that will launch you twice as fast as you would normally go. With the extra speed, you can take out the first three Klanks (Kremlings on carts) by simply running them over. After that you will still have a high amount of speed to get through the rest of the level.

Squawk's Shaft: Shortcut
Walk to edge of platform. You will see a banana coin to the right. The shortcut barrel is to the far right of the coin. It is a long spin, so get a good head start.

Topsail Trouble: Shortcut
At the start of the level (just under the box with the snake in it), cartwheel jump or helicopter spin to the right into the shortcut barrel. At the end, jump over the target and go all the way to the right. Then throw your partner straight up to get a blue balloon. Do this quickly, or it will float away.

There are three ways to get to this shortcut. Use
Dixie's helicopter spin and spin under the plat form you start on; use Diddy's cartwheel jump; or step off with Rattly and press B.

Double animals on screen
You can get two animals on the same screen at once. For example, get Ramby in Pirate Panic. Enter a bonus stage while still keeping him. Then, return to where you got Ramby and hit the crate. You may have to chase after him to catch him, but that should not be too difficult.

High jumps
Note: Both Diddy and Dixie are required for this trick. Press A to have one character carry the other. Press Y to throw upwards to somewhere where there is some thing to stand, hold on, or enter. The character that threw the other should follow. If you just throw one of them across the screen or off the edge, they will return. If you throw one of them by pressing only Y and they hit the ground, they will stay until passed by or hit by an enemy. If they are hit by the enemy while down, you will lose them.

Get animal by sign
Note: This can only be done in levels when you are going up, for example, Topsail Trouble. Try to jump up by using the special where you found the muscle man. You will be ahead of the sign and you will not lose him until later.

Walk across honey
You can walk across honey by pressing A to team up -- just walk and jump as needed.

Avoid getting lost
If you get lost, follow the bananas -- they will usually lead you to safety.

Bonus scene
Successfully complete the game by defeating K.Rool. Leave the game at "The End" screen until a bonus scene with Cranky starts.

More lives
Go to a level with a Gray Klobber. Keep getting hit by it and get the extra lives back from him. It should take a while, but sooner or later your life total with go up. You must be very fast or it will not work.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Wii Cheats

Sound test
Highlight the "Erase Game" option on the game selection screen. Press Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A, Y. Press Select to change the current song.

Bonus games practice
Press Down, Y, Down(2), Y when the game first starts, before the game selection screen appears.

Interactive two-player game
Highlight the "Erase Game" option on the game selection screen. Press B, A, Down, B, Up, Down(2), Y, A and start a two-player game. The inactive player can press Select at any time to assume control.

Easy Lives
Here is a way to get lots of lives without cheating. Complete the first level, then go back in and get to the halfway barrel and press Start+Select. Go in to the level, and, making sure you have Donkey Kong out, run to the left and jump on to the big Kremling. When you are in the air after jumping, keep pressing jump and you will land on the tree where there will be a balloon. This can be hard to master. When you've got the balloon, roll off the tree to the right and press jump. You will land on another tree with a balloon. Then go back to the start of the level and get the balloon in the tree house. When you get out, hop from tree to tree by rolling off and jumping in mid-air. There are three trees with balloons (red, green and blue balloons), and once you get them, run back to the banana hoard. Go in and then out and the balloons in the trees will be back. You can do this as many times as needed.

Easy continue
With one life remaining, enter a level that was previously completed and lose your life. Press any button at the game over screen to return to the Cranky Kong opening screen. Enable the "Bonus games practice" code and play the bonus games to earn a surplus of lives. Then, press Start to pause game play, and press Select to return to the place where the last life was lost.

Long jumps
To make either character jump farther, run towards a gap. As you reach the edge, press Y to make them do their trademark move (Donkey King rolls and Diddy cartwheels) off the cliff. They will appear to walk on air slightly, but as soon as you see them start to fall press B to make them jump.

Getting Enguarde
There is a 1 up from where you start, a 2-up to the left, a 3-up to the right, and big fish downwards.

Getting Expresso
When you reach the dead end, go on the topmost part, jump, flap once, and go to the right. If done correctly, you will be in a room with the big ostrich.

Getting Rambi
Keep jumping on the top platforms until you get to the end.

Getting Winky
Go to the left. When you reach a dead end go up. Keep doing this until you get the big frog.

Extra life in level 1
Jump back into treehouse on level 1 to find an extra life balloon.
Stay high in the tree tops in the first level to find some extra lives

Hidden underground banana bunches
With Kong, duck and press Y and a bunch of bananas may pop up from the ground. With Diddy or Kong, if you jump from a high place on to the ground, a bunch of bananas may pop up from the ground.

Jungle Hijinxs level: Extra lives
Get a ride on Rambi until you get to the cave where you go to exit the level. Jump on top of the cave and repeatedly press B, A until you get shot out of a barrel. If done correctly you can collect a 6-Up balloon.

Mine Cart Carnage: Shortcut
Jump over the edge on the right and hold Left until you hear a bang. Jump over one enemy to complete the level.
Jump Over the blast star barrel and press Left when you are falling

Ostrich bonus round
When you go into the Ostrich bonus round, go back over the top where you came out of to find a secret room full of small birds. Get them and then get the other birds to have more birds than you would originally had.
Go all the way to the right, up on the top to find a hidden room and a golden ostrich. Get it will to make all of the others small and get a 100 golden ostrich.

Platform Perils: Bonus round
There is an automatic barrel just below the entrance to the Platform Perils level in the Chimp Caverns. Pick up the barrel and knock off the Krusha. Then, jump on the first moving platform. Before it gets too far out, move in the direction of the entrance. You should land on a secret moving platform that will take you to a bonus round.

Rhinoceros bonus round
Go all the way to the right, up on the top to find a hidden room and a golden rhinoceros. Get it will to make all of the others small and get a 100 golden rhinoceros. To get there, go left and jump up on top of the door you used to enter. Then, hop along the stones at the top.

Ropey Rampage: Shortuct
Get to where the letter "O" is located. Then, fall straight down in-between the group of three trees and the single tree with the blue alligator. There is a barrel that will automatically shoot you into the side of a cliff. This will break open a secret door. Jump from rope to rope until you get to the other side of the large gap. You will find the letter "N" there. To exit, walk through the cave door or jump into the gap (this will not kill you). You will be shot forward into the level.

Ropey Rampage: Red balloon
Play the level until you get to the sign that points to the exit. Go back to the hole that is just before it. Jump into the hole. A barrel will blast you upwards. The goal is to find the red balloon. Watch the balloon and the last barrel it appears on -- jump up and hit it. The balloon will then flash on top of the correct barrel. If you were correct, you can collect the balloon.

Slip-Slide-Ride level: Shortcut
After you go up the rope at the entrance, there is a barrel that Donkey Kong can jump into up against the left wall, just out of sight. This will transport you much closer to the end of the level.

Stop & Go Station level: Shortcut
Walk back through the entrance of "Stop & Go Station" to get transported about three quarters of the way through the level.

Ninety-nine lives
Go to the first level and keep playing to get as many extra lives as possible. You will get a total of about ten extra lives every time you play that level. Just repeat this to collect up to ninety-nine lives.
Go to the Manic Mincers level. When you pass the halfway point, turn into Diddy. Allow the first blue muscle guy to fall into the hole. Just when he falls in the hole, hold Back then hold B. After you hit him nine times you will start gaining lives.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Nintendo Wii Cheats

Two top-tier unlockable characters
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Cranky Kong --- Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 3, mission 24
Funky Kong --- Complete Diamond on Rookie
King K. Rool --- Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 4, mission 31
Lanky Kong --- Complete Topaz on Rookie
Tiny Kong --- Complete Saphire on Rookie

Unlockable New Cups:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Diamond Cup --- Complete Sapphire Cup on Rookie
Platinum Cup --- Complete Diamond Cup on Rookie
Sapphire Cup --- Complete Topaz Cup on Rookie
Selection Cup --- Complete Diamond Cup on Rookie

Unlocking Characters
Generally, when you're unlocking characters (by playing a "cup" challenge), you can predict the type of character you will unlock. If you play as a "Kong" character (like Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong), you will unlock a like type character, while if you play as a Kremling (like Kritter or Kip), you will unlock a character similar to them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Donkey Kong Nintendo Wii Cheats

Gain multiple points faster
Normally you would gain 100 points each time you jump over a barrel. But try jumpin over a barrel while the following 2 conditions apply:

You are standin on the top of the MIDDLE ladder on the THIRD floor (first level)

The barrel must roll down the ladder you are on as you jump over it

If the conditions apply (as in, you jump over a barrel without movin back or forth, and it just rolls down the ladder below you), then you will hear the scorin points sound effect played multiple times really fast, and you will gain several hundred points.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dokapon Kingdom Nintendo Wii Cheats

Towns taxes
Hold your wii-mote sideways and press A, A+2 to recieve double taxes, you can only do this when saving your town.

How to unlock specific jobs.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Acrobat --- Get a Casino Ticket
Alchemist --- Master Magician and Thief
Cleric --- Master 1 of the Starter Jobs
Hero --- Master Spellsword, Ninja, and Acrobat and get Hero License from the City Above the Clouds
Monk --- Master Priest
Ninja --- Master Warrior and Thief
Robo Knight --- Master Alchemist and Monk and get Lost Technology from Sunken Shrine
Spellsword --- Master Warrior and Magician

Gallery Mode
After completing any game mode once, you'll be asked to save your game. After saving the game, the Gallery will be selectable from the title screen. The Gallery is the same as the one viewable during a game, containing data on all equipment/classes/monsters/etc. that players have found during the game.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Dog Island Nintendo Wii Cheats

Dinosaur skeleton
If you choose the wrong color button, you will lose half a life point. Make sure you have lots of healing items when attempting this. Try pressing green, red, blue, blue. The "hidden" button is in the middle.

Sniffing stones
When at the place where you must sniff four square stones in the correct order, try the following.
Upper right, upper left
Lower right, lower left

Blue Rose
When you first go in Chiro to the extreme right should be a cave. Go past the snake first, and do not follow the water to reach it. If you find bats you have gone too far.

Alex's riddles
Riddle 1: The answer is a candle, which can be found in the Victory Dogs' Hideout.
Riddle 2: If you ask Alex for a hint, he will tell you to ask Amalia for help. You can ask her for a hint or the answer, which is nails. You can then answer the riddle by talking to Alex again.
Riddle 3: What carries its home on its back in the rain? The answer is a snail.
Riddle 4: Something that has a mouth on its head and eats everything. The answer is a backpack.

The Minecart Ride!
Keep the paw icon on the screen. And do ONLY fruit unless you want to lose some health! It doesn't matter what fruit you pick, as long as you pick fruit.Then you won't fail-yay!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! Nintendo Wii Cheats

Regain health
Press Minus between rounds. A sound will confirm correct code entry, and your health will increase when the next round starts. Note: This can only be done once per match.

Gym tour
Remain idle at the title screen.

Friday, January 16, 2015

DK Bongo Blast Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cranky Kong
Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 3, mission 24

King K. Rool
Race him in Candy`s Requests, level 4, mission 31

Thursday, January 15, 2015

DJ Hero 2 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes:
Code: --- Result:
VIP Pass --- All bonuses
I Hate Crossfading --- Auto Crossfade
Soothing --- Auto Scratch (Enabling this code will disable leaderboards)
Look No Hands! --- Auto Tapper
Guetta Blaster --- David Guetta
Open The Trap --- Deadmau5 content
Rodent Replacement --- Hamster Switch
Now You See Me... --- Invisible DJ
Make Some Noise --- Noise Effect
In Trance We Trust --- Tiesto Content (Enter this code under "Retail Cheats" in the "Cheats" menu.)