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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Scarface: The World Is Yours Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cheat Mode
Pause the game, choose "CHEATS". and enter one of the following.
Code: --- Result:
FPATCH --- 1,000 balls
OLDFAST --- Antique racer
666999 --- Bacinari
BLACK --- Black suit
BLUE --- Blue suit
BLUESH --- Blue suit with shades
MARTHA --- Change time of day
FLYSTRT --- Decrease Cop Heat
NOBALLS --- Decrease Gang Heat
DUMPER --- Dump truck
DUMPER --- Dump Truck
AMMO --- Full ammunition
MEDIK --- Full health
dozer --- Get a bull dozer
GREY --- Grey suit
GREYSH --- Grey suit with shades
HAWAII --- Hawaii print/shirt
HAWAIIG --- Hawaii print/shirt w/sunglasses
DONUT --- Increase Cop Heat
GOBALLS --- Increase Gang Heat
KILTONY --- Kill Tony
SHAZAAM --- Lightning
NOBALLS --- Lower gang heat
S13 --- Mission Replay: Babylon Club Redux
S12 --- Mission Replay: Deliver
SO7A --- Mission Replay: Freedom Town Redux
S09 --- Mission Replay: Nacho Contreras
S10 --- Mission Replay: Nacho's Tanker
DW_frn --- Mission Replay: Oakley Drive-In
A51 --- Mission Replay: The Dock Boss
S11 --- Mission Replay: Un-Load
RAINY --- Rain
TUNEME --- Real "The World is Yours" music track
TBURGLR --- Repairs any vehicle player is currently driving.
TANSHRT --- Sandy shirt
TANSH --- Sandy shirt with shades
DOZER --- Spawn Bulldozer
BUMMER --- Stampede
SANDY --- Tan colored outfit
SANDYSH --- Tan colored outfit w/sunglasses
TIGSHRT --- Tiger shirt
TIGERSH --- Tiger shirt with shades
WHITE --- White suit
WHITE --- White suit Tony
WHITESH --- White suit Tony with shades
WHITESH --- White suit with shades

Montana investments
You can find these under the "Exotics" menu, and "Investments" option. The purpose of the investments is to provide upgrades to the game or to your player. You will need at least $1.5 million ($40 million for Montana Legal and $20 million for Montana Sports) to purchase most of these investments. The investments will help you level up faster.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Montana Defense --- Carry an extra weapon and maximum ammunition.
Montana Financial --- Launder all of your cash with 0% interest.
Montana Fitness --- All your henchmen gain 50% health.
Montana Holdings --- Fronts will cost you 10% less to purchase.
Montana Legal --- Visibility Events reduced by half (cops look the other way).
Montana Productions --- Unlocks all of Tony's clothing options in the cheat menu.
Montana Records --- Unlocks new music tracks and create a new playlist.
Montana Sports --- Maximum bets go up for all your gambling.

Easy money and drugs
If you've got busted and the cops took all ur money, or u spent it all on renovating your mansion, don't worry. First get a weapon, and find a drug dealer on the map (a drug dealer is a white dot on the map) and kill him. Make sure there is no gangs there, or they'll start a gang war. Take the yeyo and money, get a car and kill another dealer. Take his yeyo and cash and keep doing this. Once you have around 100grams of drugs sell them to a dealer but youll need to get the dealing metre high enough to sell, then kill him and take the stuff back, as well as his stuff. Keep doing this and you'll be rich again in mins!

Get stronger weapons earlier
Some characters like the assassin and enforcer have stronger weapons. For example, play as the enforcer. Call for one of Tony's cars. once it arrives, go to the weapons trunk. Place the grenade launcher in the trunk, tehn switch back to Tony. When you go to the weapons trunk, the grenade launcher will still be there. You can do the same thing with the assassin to get the PSG-1.

Killing gang members
Enable the "Bodog Stampede" code. Then, go after the gangs with it. The gun will have unlimited ammunition and enough armor to take them all out. If you run low on your vehicle's health, enable the "Repair vehicle" code. However, you must move your Hummer once in awhile or they will pull you out. This also is very useful when taking over the storehouses because of all the armor it has.

Shark chases naked girl
This is not a joke!!! enter the cheat to commit suicide(or kill yourself some other way. Then travel to south beach in any car and go west of south beach and towards the end of the beach there will be a very large stone dock, drive your vehicle down the dock at full speed until you hit the water after that there will be a short clip of a girl saying threatening words but being attacked by a shark(not you)

Girl eaten by a shark
Are You like tired of swimmin and a shark comes out of the water and eats ya? Wanna see the shark eat someone else? Alright so I'm walking down this peer (on the beach on the 2nd Iland) I look and see this other walk way that goes out even more( after hiting it with a boat soo meny times) I run down it (it won't work if u drive down it) I get almost to the end, and Tony stops movin. Then the screen goes off to the side, where a girl is swimmin up to shore and a shark comes up behind her, and eats her. ok, now go die and come back, it'll do it agian.

Shark Attack!
This may should weird, but its true. Go down to any oceans and swim straight. Eventually, the screen will pause and then show a little preview or Tony getting eaten by a shark. After that, you end up to where you last saved. This is pretty cool so i suggest you try it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Samurai Warriors: Katana Nintendo Wii Cheats

Chaos Difficulty
Complete all missions with a S rank.

Fifth story
Complete all four stories with at least a silver 'Clear' rating.

Additional item slots
From the Buy / Ability menu, purchasing all stats upgrades for the level you're in. (attack, defense, life, musou etc.)
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
3rd Item Slot --- Max out each stat level in Musou: Acendancy
4th Item Slot --- Max out each stat level in Musou: Swordsman
5th Item Slot --- Max out each stat level in Musou: Stealth

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Samurai Warriors 3 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Secret Bear Mount
Collect all 54 Murasame Castle Tanukis on Nightmare difficulty

Secret Matsukaze Mount
Collect all 54 Murasame Castle Tanukis on Normal difficulty.

Fourth weapons
Complete the indicated level in Story mode under the Hard difficulty setting with all orange tactical bonuses done to unlock the corresponding character's fourth weapon.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
CAW Naginata's 4th --- Battle of Hasedo (Date army side)
CAW Spear's 4th --- Siege of Osaka (Tokugawa army side)
CAW Sword's 4th --- Battle of Sekigahara (Western army side)
Ginchio Tachibana's 4th --- Escape from Ishigaki
Hanbei Takenaka's 4th --- Assault at Chugoku
Hanzo Hattori's 4th --- Suppression of Odawara
Hideyoshi Toyotomi's 4th --- Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
Ieyasu Tokugawa's 4th --- Siege of Osaka
Ina's 4th --- Battle of Numata Castle
Kai's 4th --- Riot at Kasai Osaki
Kanbei Koroda's 4th --- Siege of Osaka
Kanetsugu Naoe's 4th --- Battle of Hasedo
Katsuie Shibata's 4th --- Battle of Tedorigawa (Oda army side)
Keiji Maeda's 4th --- Battle of Hasedo
Kenshin Uesugi's 4th --- Showdown at Shizugatake
Kiyomasa Kato's 4th --- Escape from Ishigaki
Kotaro Fuma's 4th --- Riot at Kasai-Osaki (Toyotomi army side)
Kunoichi's 4th --- Rescue of Mitsunari
Magoichi Saikai's 4th --- Battle of Hasedo
Masamune Date's 4th --- Battle of Hasedo
Mitsuhide Akechi's 4th --- Battle of Yamazaki
Mitsunari Ishida's 4th --- Battle of Sekigahara
Motochika Chosokabe's 4th --- Showdown at Anegawa
Motonari Mori's 4th --- Battle of Yamazaki
Muneshige Tachibana's 4th --- Battle of Sekigahara
Nagamasa Azai's 4th --- Battle of Odani Castle
Nene's 4th --- Suppression of Odawara
No's 4th --- Battle of Inabayama Castle (Oda army side)
Nobunaga Oda's 4th --- Incident at Honnoji
Oichi's 4th --- Showdown at Yogoko Lakeside
Okuni's 4th --- Battle of Kizugawa (Oda army side)
Ranmaru Mori's 4th --- Incident at Honnoji (Oda army side)
Sakon Shima's 4th --- Battle of Sekigahara
Shingen Takeda's 4th --- Showdown at Nagashino
Tadakatsu Honda's 4th --- Battle of Sekigahara
Takamaru's 4th --- Curiouser and curiouser (third Takamaru only level in Murasame castle, beat on normal, NOT NIGHTMARE)
Toshiie Maeda's 4th --- Battle of Komaki-Nagakute (Hashiba army side)
Uyijasu Hojo's 4th --- Kanto Defense
Yoshihiro Shimazu's 4th --- Breaking through Sekigahara
Yoshimoto Imagawa's 4th --- Battle of Mimasetouge (Takeda army side)
Yukimura Sanada's 4th --- Siege of Osaka

Masanori Fukushima created warrior model
Complete Kiyomasa Kato and Mitsunari Ishida's Story modes. This model can only be used in Free/Historical mode and Murasame Castle.

Aya created warrior model
Complete Kenshin Uesugi and Kanetsugu Naoe's Story modes. This model can only be used in Free/Historical mode and Murasame Castle.

Nightmare Difficulty on Murasame Castle
You have to pass through all the Stages on Murasame Castle And than beat the Legendary Beast, Murasame.

Unlock Lord Aosame Model
In Murasame Castle Beat The Normal Mode and pass through all the stages, than beat the Nightmare mode and pass through all the stages also beating the Awakened(Nightmare) Boss Murasame.

How to be takmaru 1 bonus mission on nightmare
See when you fighting the 5 real characters or bossmans like with a gamecube controller press the a button 4 times then press the y button 2 times for each one boss guy you fight.but you got to turn invisible with him then do that so your attack power can raise. and your takmuru got to be on level 50 and max stats and you cannot use this trick with lightning element on your sword.

Beating Nightmare
If You already beaten the Normal Difficulty in Murasame Castle, there would a Nightmare Difficulty. If you want to beat this Prepare characters thats lv30-50(Also max stats if you can).The REAL demons are on Nightmare, and They are POWERFUL Including The Awakened Murasame(Nightmare Final Boss)

A Weapon You Cannot Unlock
You Would Notice there are 38 Characters in the Game, but when You are at the Unlock Weapons unlock screen there is 37 characters and 1 character missing, and thats Kotara Fuma which is know to have a "Demon Weapon".

Monday, June 27, 2016

Samurai Spirits Rokuban Shoubu Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Samurai Shodown - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown II - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown
III - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown IV - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown V - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown VI - Arcade Games

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Samurai Shodown Anthology Nintendo Wii Cheats

You may search our database for the following titles for more cheats and hints:
Samurai Shodown - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown II - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown
III - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown IV - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown V - Arcade Games
Samurai Shodown VI - Arcade Games

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Samurai Shodown 2 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Play as Kuroko
Go to Versus Mode. At the Character Select screen press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Right + A.

Blood On
Go to the options menu. Change the country setting to Japan and exit the options menu. Go back to the options menu, change the country setting to USA, then exit the options menu and start the game.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Samurai Shodown Nintendo Wii Cheats

Play as Zankuro
Highlight Random Select and press down, down, up, up, down, up, up

Play as Shiki
Highlight Random Select and press up, up, down, down, up, down, down

Play as Kuroko
Go to versus mode and press up, down, left, up, down, right, and A.

Make Earthquake eat chicken
Play as Charlotte and get a perfect. Then, quickly press A, B,A ,C, A, D, Up, Down, Left.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Samurai Ghost Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cheat Mode
Press Up, Left, Down, Right, II, I at the Samurai Ghost title screen. A cheat menu with options to change levels, lives, and game sounds will now be available.

Sound test
Hold Select at the title screen until the sound test screen appears.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Samba De Amigo Nintendo Wii Cheats

Everything (JP)
On the title screen press the following buttons 1, 1, 1, B, A, 1, 1, 1, B, A This will unlock everything in the entire game in one go.

Wedding March song
Complete Love Love mode either with the computer or another player and get to the bonus stage, you will unlock the Wedding March song.

Unlockable Songs:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Do It Well --- Clear the song in Ulala's Challenge
Groove is in the Heart --- Clear the song in Ulala's Challenge
Low Rider --- Clear the song in Sonic's Challenge
Mexican Flyer --- Clear the song in Ulala's Challenge
Soul Bossa Nova --- Clear the song in Linda's Challenge
The Cup of Life --- Complete all the challenges of Easy Career Mode to unlock the song.
Un Aguardiente --- Clear the song in Sonic's Challenge
Wedding March --- Complete Love Love mode either with the computer or another player and get to the bonus stage

Maraca Sound effects
Unlockable Maraca Sound effects:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Animal --- Clear the Song Asereje in Everybody's Challenge
Carnival --- Clear the song Baila Me in Pose's Challenge
Chu 2 --- Clear the Song Tango With Me in Everybody's Challenge
DJ --- Clear the song Borriquito in Everybody's Challenge
Energy --- Clear the song La Bamba in Pose's Challenge
Ha --- Clear the song Tequila in Everybody's Challenge
Ice Cream Man --- Clear the song Magalenha in Everybody's Challenge
Love Machine --- Clear the song Tubthumping in Pose's Challenge
Monk --- Clear the song Vamos a Carnaval in Everybody's Challenge
Sexy --- Clear the song Macarena in Amigo's Challenge
Soldier --- Clear the song Papa Loves Mambo in Everybody's Challenge
Tough Guy --- Clear the song Cha Cha in Pose's Challenge
Ulala --- Clear the song Volare in Bingo's Challenge

Dance Sound Effects
Unlockable Dance Sound Effects:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Hi --- Clear the song Smooth in Bongo's Challenge
Soiya --- Clear the song Como Ves in Bingo's Challenge
Sonic --- Clear the song Jump In The Line in Amigo's Challenge
Viva --- Clear the song Take On Me in Bongo's Challenge
Wao --- Clear the song El Mambo in Bongo's Challenge
Whistle --- Clear the song Mambo Beat in Bongo's Challenge

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Nintendo Wii Cheats

Wii Secret Passwords (US and EU version only)
From the game selection menu, choice the bottom option (The Free & Easy Day in N.Y.), then visit Romando and imput the password when the available option appear. Note: the single codes unlock 1 item at the time, when the "unlock all code" unlock all the items of the same element in 1 time.
Password: --- Result:
926906817278 --- Cameratron Ringtone: Cheiron
928935668428 --- Cameratron Ringtone: Diana
922566130958 --- Cameratron Ringtone: Gemini
928993468958 --- Cameratron Ringtone: Ratchet
928267292088 --- Cameratron Ringtone: Rosita
928974804588 --- Cameratron RIngtone: Subaru
928996609188 --- Episode 0 available in Main Game
928993482128 --- Photo of Chat Noir available in Main Game
928996495658 --- Photo of IAF Flower Division available in Main Game
859097180208 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Anri
596268228578 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Cheiron
893557986928 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Cherry
524513806358 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Diana
511006563288 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Gemini
390435372888 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Ratchet
589858748428 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Rosita
363919657658 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Shinjiro
313123116008 --- Photo: Battle Photo of Subaru
510846764928 --- Photo: Cheiron & Sagittarius
567793040508 --- Photo: Diana & Capricorn
945476282278 --- Photo: Gemini & Gemini
340029139708 --- Photo: Photo of Cheiron Acting
812787630958 --- Photo: Photo of Diana Acting
347549954628 --- Photo: Photo of Gemini Acting
304867438278 --- Photo: Photo of Rosita Acting
329209358788 --- Photo: Photo of Shinjiro Acting
878237389288 --- Photo: Photo of Subaru Acting
379665471878 --- Photo: Ratchet & Aquarius
558588824458 --- Photo: Rosita & Aries
332195193808 --- Photo: Special Photo of Anri
574728027208 --- Photo: Special Photo of Cheiron
354355997128 --- Photo: Special Photo of Cherry
560273209078 --- Photo: Special Photo of Diana
909316867958 --- Photo: Special Photo of Gemini
397985673158 --- Photo: Special Photo of Ratchet
535038549588 --- Photo: Special Photo of Rosita
508343915328 --- Photo: Special Photo of Subaru
388679494778 --- Photo: Special Photo of Sunnyside
546403500088 --- Photo: Subaru & Taurus
928996605128 --- Shiniro's Extra Costume (female)
928993363528 --- Unlock all 3 Events (unlock all code)
837871465578 --- Unlock all the 30 Photos (unlock all code)
924005530128 --- Unlock all the 6 Ringtones (unlock all code)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Nintendo Wii Cheats

The l.v.r
Once you have cracked the first door, go right straight away, go to the silvery safe, but do not enter the puzzle, but turn right and unlock the door, then go back to the safe. This is not an easy puzzle, yet inside is a sturdy piece of paper with l=e written on it and a l.v.r, pull this and take the paper, after pulling l.v.r, it will reveal 3 hidden codes, one with sudoku, one with the PAC sqwares (this is the right spelling) and one as a normal key pad

Final safe
The final safes coding is written on the 4 most important doors, before typing in the answer, exit the secret room. Run round and see if you can find four panels, but for those lazy people, press 3528, then it doesn't matter who you choose, but I recommend choosing 'you'!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rune Factory Frontier Nintendo Wii Cheats

Fast gold
Clear as much as your field as possible then plow it. Then go to danny's store and buy at least 9 bags of turnip seeds (don't wory its only 10 gold per bag). Plant the seeds and water the regularly. In 4 day's you'll have ton of turnips. Sell them all (and give some to mist if you want to). By 5 pm you should have over 20,00 gold.

Fast level up
NOTE: THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOUR LEVEL 20 OR LOWER. Once you buy a forge get a wepon making book from the rune archives. Then get fire crystal and two-handed sword from the blacksmith and make Flame Sabre (it's recomended that you level up your forging skill beforehand). Then go up to whale island and go through the cave to whale island fin. Go over to the locked gate (not the tower!) and there'll be a portal that pops out 3 wolves. Stand right in the middle of them then when they jump at/charge at/ or get close to you press the A and B buttons to use a specail attack. Quickly do it again you should kill at least one wolf. After killing all 3 you'll probablly level up and get your HP and RP restored to their new max. 3 more wolves will show up if you didnt destroy the portal so keep doing this for as long as you like so long as it doesnt kill you.

Once Materia opens talk to Rossetta until she tells you about how Moondrop flowers grow well in Moonlight. Buy a bag of Moondrop flower seeds then go to the tower at whale island fin. When go up to water them each day make sure you do it after 6 pm and youll see Iris watering some plants. She wont take any notice to you and lock herself in the tower. The day the flowers are fully grown go to the tower after 6pm and you'll finally meet Iris. After that you'll finally be able to go in tower but you can only talk to her night since she sleeps all day. She's also a marigable character who likes flowers so if you willing to give up some cash give her some or all the Moondrop flowers to make her like you.

Bianca and Tabbatha
On the fist day of summer go over to south district. There will be big manor that wasnt there before. you cant go in though since it's a holiday. Go the next day after 9 AM and you'll meet Tabbatha and Bianca again (they are 2 of the may girls from the original rune factory game for DS that will move into the village). If you want to marry either of them make them like you fast because they only stay in Trampoli during the summer.

How to keep Bianca and Tabbatha in Trampoli
Since Bianca only lives in trampoli during the summer it's difficult if you want to marry her or Tabbatha. So once you get a barn go up to whale island and run around through the caves. There will eventually be a scene were you find a lost elephant monster. It wont attack you just run off. Go into your barn the next day thers the monster. You dont have to pay any attention to it since it wont eat and you cant pet it or have it follow you around. After tabbatha sends you a letter asking if she can see your monster's reply yes then the next day go to Bianca's house when Tabbatha isn't around(she leaves the manor somtime in the morning and comes back at noon) when you go in the elemphant monster bargges in and scares Bianca. she'll ask if she can have it. Say yes and Bianca and Tabbatha wont ever leave Trampoli.

Lava ruins
After you beat the boss of green ruins go up the mountain path. go up it and there should be a cave blocked with a large stone and a tree. Observe the tree then go find candy and ask her to make you a tree rune stone (you need 10 tree runey's to make one) get the stone then go back to the tree. Take out the tree rune stone and put in the tree. Come back the next day and the tree will be HUGE and the boulder will be gone giving you access to the lava ruins.

Green ruins
After a while in Trampoli when you talk to MIst she'll ask you to get rid of the weeds in front of her house. Go over to Erik's and he'll give you a rusty scythe which you can use to cut down the weeds and get to the entrance to green ruins. Also if you talk to mist again after you clear all the weeds she'll give you bag of turnip seeds.

Melody, the hammer, and the bath house
Go up to whale island and get through the first part of the cave. Once your in the back part of the cave keep going strait and you'll run into Melody again(she was the bathhouse person in the original rune factroy) she'll give you a hammer and ask you to smash a rock that's stuck in the wall. Smash it and Melody will open up a bathhouse in Trampoli.

Cinnamon and Candy
Cinnamon and Candy are granddaughters of Kanno who will not arrive until Spring 7th. You must speak to him several days before they will come to town. They all live in the clock tower.

Finding Woolys and Buffamoos
Enter Whale Cave and make your way to the left whale wing.

Getting to Whale Island
Water the sparkling plant found near the clock tower.

Complete the one of the following tasks to get the corresponding tool.
Hoe: Given to you by Mist when you first move in.
Watering can: Given to you by Mist when you first move in.
Axe: Till 40 squares of land (you do not have to plant anything) and talk to Stella the nun (you may have to wait until Spring 4th).
Fishing Rod: Talk to Cinnamon by the church district exit on your farm in the early afternoon.
Harvester: Received from Candy. Ask her "What are Runeys?"
Hammer: Go to the second floor in the cave on Whale Island to find Melody. There will be a cinematic and she will give you a hammer.
Pet Glove/Brush: Speak to Kross after exploring the cave on Whale Island a bit. He is found in south district.
Sickle: Till 40 squares of land and speak to Erik. He sells seeds in south district.

How to tame animals
In the first couple of days you see kroos on your farm so you should talk to him and he will talk about taming animals and then he will give you the pet glove to tame animals.

Where to put your tamed animals
You put your tamed animals in a barn and you can get a barn from kross for 10 pieces of lumber and 1000 Gold.

Wanna miss a boss battle
When you meet iris you gotta get her lp to 4(or more) then talk to her an event will show up when she "bites" you (little hint on what she is) it wont happen as soon as you get her lp to 4 it might take awhile but then (i think) you go to the libary and look for a book about vamps(hint hint) i think you first gotta unlock snow ruins 9 (beat lava ruins first) then go to the third floor of snow ruins and go to a locked door it will open:o and there will be a CUT SCENE and there will be iris NOIRE she will look almost like iris on whale island but with semi longer white hair and a black outfit when gelwein (the guy iris white will metion) will tell her to ATTACK but if you did do whai told you then iris white will speak TROUGH :o you because she "bit" you earlyer and save you after your in your bed and some people will be inyour house (i forgot who) and iris noire not white will be saying sorry earler when you go in the room wher iris is mist and candy will be with you but now every one is saying that mist is MISSING(i just hope she just went to kardia withou ttelling ....not)

Fun with loading runey's
When your loading there will be runey's in the bottom left corner of the screen. To pass the time push the A button right as the runey gets big to make it jump.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rugby League 3 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cheat Mode
Go to the create a player menu and enter one of the following names.
Code: --- Result:
"'SOMBRERO" --- $100 000 000 Salary Cap
"i'll be back" --- Huge Muscles
"RSI" --- No Need to tap Z for turbo just press it for max speed
"Force Back" --- One tackle count, force em back style. 1 tackle then handover.
"Beans & Eggs" --- strong gale force winds mode
"Sugar Daddy" --- Unlimited funding

To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
2008 NRL Hightlights --- Play 4 Hours Of Gameplay
NRL 2009 Hightlights --- Win A Franchise Season
NRL Dream Team --- Win the franchise season on seasoned diffculty or accumulate 40 hours of gameplay

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rooms: The Main Building Nintendo Wii Cheats

Time Limit mode
Beat the game. This mode only allows a set amount of time to complete a puzzle.

Unlock Challenge mode
Beat the game. This mode only allows a set number of moves to complete a puzzle.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4: Wall Of Fire Nintendo Wii Cheats

Extra soldiers
Use the War command and select a general to enter into battle. Assign the maximum number of men to his unit. When the asked for confirmation for going to war, select the "No" option. Remove the general from the list of commanders and reassign him to the post. Return to the troop assignment screen. The number of men available should be increased by the number that was assigned earlier. Repeat this process to increase the number of men, but do not return to the main menu.

After accumulating enough soldiers, send several of your generals to war with 300 soldiers each. The extra soldiers will remain in service only if you win the battle. Note: If you bring more men into battle than originally present in the attacking province, there will be no men left in that province after the battle.

Form Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition
Select the first scenario (Dong Zhuo Triumphs in Luo Yang), then select Cao Cao as your leader. On your very first turn, move some generals and troops to Xu Chang. A few months later, Cao Cao will call a meeting, asking all the other leaders to form an alliance against Dong Zhuo. If Yuan Shao joins, he will become leader; otherwise, Cao Cao will become leader. This makes defeating Dong Zhuo a bit easier, depending on who joins you (such as Yuan Shao or Ma Teng).

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rolling Thunder 2 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Level Passwords
High Difficulty Level Passwords:
Password: --- Result:

Monday, June 13, 2016

Rogue Trooper: Quartz Zone Massacre Nintendo Wii Cheats

Modes and gimmicks
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Extreme Ragdoll --- Complete the game once on any difficulty level
Hippy Blood --- Complete the game once on any difficulty level
Level Select --- Complete the first stage, every stage you beat will be added to the the level select mode
Low Gravity Ragdoll --- Complete the game once on any difficulty level
Massacre difficulty level --- Complete the game once on any difficulty level

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Nintendo Wii Cheats

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding table.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Jesper's table --- Win a match against the CPU using a soft shot.
Liu Ping's table --- Win a match against the CPU using a soft shot.
Luc's table --- Win a match against the CPU using a soft shot.
Solayman's tables --- Win a match against the CPU using a "Focus" shot.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding shirt.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Carmen's blue, green, and grey shirt --- Win a match with a heavy leftspin shot.
Carmen's dark blue shirt --- Win a match with a heavy topspin shot.
Carmen's gray shirt --- Shutout the CPU in at least one game in a match.
Cassidy's brown shirt --- Win a match with a heavy backspin shot.
Cassidy's dark blue shirt --- Win a match with a heavy rightspin shot.
Cassidy's yellow and white shirt --- Win a match by making the ball bounce over two times on the CPU's side of the table.
Jesper's fifth shirt --- Win a match with a slow shot.
Jesper's fourth shirt --- Win a match with a four point deficit comeback.
Jesper's third shirt --- Win a match using a forehand shot.
Liu Ping's fifth shirt --- Shutout the CPU in a game.
Liu Ping's fourth shirt --- Use a smash shot to win a match.
Solayman's dark blue shirt --- Win a match after a four point deficit comeback.
Solayman's green shirt --- Win a match with a backhand shot.
Solayman's grey shirt --- Win a match with a smash shot.

Win the indicated number of times against the CPU in tournament or exhibition mode to unlock the corresponding character
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Carmen --- 35 wins
Cassidy --- 40 wins
Juergen --- 20 wins
Jung Soo --- 45 wins
Kumi --- 25 wins
Mark --- 50 wins
Solayman --- 30 wins

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rock Revolution Nintendo Wii Cheats

Get both albums to "Platinum" rank in each stage of your career by completing all four songs and two challenges. Get a "Platinum" rank on all discs to unlock all characters.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Andre --- Get "Platinum" rank on the third set of albums.
Courtney --- Get "Platinum" rank on the second set of albums.
Jimmy --- Get a "Platinum" rank on fifth set of albums.
Madison --- Get a "Platinum" rank on fourth set of albums.
Zach --- Get "Platinum" rank on first set of albums.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Rock Man 9: Yabou No Fukkatsu! Nintendo Wii Cheats

Defeating bosses in order
Defeat the bosses in the following order to get the weapon the next boss is weak against.
Galaxy Man - Mega Buster
Jewel Man - Black Hole Bomb
Plug Man - Jewel Satellite
Tornado Man - Plug Ball
Magma Man - Tornado Blow
Hornet Man - Magma Bazooka
Splash Woman - Hornet Chaser
Concrete Man - Laser Trident
Wall Shooters - Mega Buster
Giant Machine - Laser Trident
Blob Monster - Black Hole Bomb
Dr. Wily #1 - Mega Buster
Dr. Wily #2 - Mega Buster
Dr. Wily #3 - Plug Ball

Rush Jet Adaptor
Defeat ANY robot masters to receive this adaptor automatically.

Increasing survivability
Buy Shock Guards and Beat Call items from Roll and Auto to increase Megaman's survival against spikes and accidental falls.

Weapon recommendations
Try the following Boss order and recommended weapon.
Splash Woman: Use the Mega Buster.
Concrete Man: Use the Lightning Trident.
Galaxy Man: Use the Cement Shot.
Jewel Man: Use the Black Hole Bomb.
Plug Man: Use the Jewel Satellite.
Tornado Man: Use the Plasma Ball.
Magma Man: Use the Tornado Blow.
Hornet Man: Use the Magma Bazooka.

Dr. Wily stage: Easy extra lives
On the first Dr. Wily stage, after the check point there are six pipes. Two of them have weak respawning enemies. Use Jewel Satellite and stand on top of the first set of pipes. You will occasionally get extra lives and a lot of bolts. You can use this trick to replenish lives lost from the puzzle that is up the ladder. This also helps when completing challenges. Note: This requires a lot of time.

Hornet Man stage: Unlimited screws
You will need the Jewel Satellite in order to do this trick. In the beggining of Hornet Man's stage, move to the right until you reach the first ladder. Without destroying the potted plant robots, activate the shield and stand on the second platform in between both the robots. If you remain standing there, the missiles will be destroyed and the screws will automatically land on Mega Man. This also increase your kill count for your achievements.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rock Band 3 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu
Code: --- Result:
Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Orange(2), Blue(2) --- Guild X-79 guitar
Orange, Blue, Orange(2), Blue(2), Orange, Blue --- Ovation D-2010 guitar
O, O, B, B, O, B, B, O --- Unlock the Stop! guitar under the "Customization" option

Play Keys on Guitar
Achieve the Guitar Immortal goal 5* 50 Medium Rock Band 3 Songs (or 3* on a higher difficulty)

Bonus instruments
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding instrument
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Baroque stage kit --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Pro Drums
Clear microphone --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Vocal Harmony
Cthulhu's Revenge guitar --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Pro Guitar
DKS-5910 Pro-Tech high performance kit --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Drums
Gold microphone --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Vocals
Gretsch Bo-Diddley guitar --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Guitar
Gretsch White Falcon guitar --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Bass
The Goat Head bass --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Pro Bass
The Green Day guitar --- "Welcome to Paradise" in Guitar
VOX Continental keyboard --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Keys
Yamaha CS-50 keyboard --- "Expert Hall of Fame Induction" in Pro Keys