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Saturday, March 4, 2017

WWII Aces Nintendo Wii Cheats

Faster kills in dog fight mode
First of all, this is useful in all mode once you unlock the german special project jet. To get faster kills in all the modes, use the german special project jet. It has six machine guns, three on each wing. If you get direct hits on the enemy plane, it will explode within six or less hits.

One way to get a lot of plane kills in Dogfight Mode
One way to score a lot of plane kills is in Dogfight Mode is to use the Mosquito (fighter-bomber) because I believe it has around 4 to 8 guns on it. All you need to do is to unleash a 1 to 3 second burst from all the guns to destroy a plane.

How to follow a rocket
If you would like to accurately know where your rocket is going to hit/strike, all you need to do is *PRESS and HOLD the 'C' button* on the Nunchuck to see where the rocket hits. Now, this may not work for every 'Control Scheme', it just depends on which one you use.

What planes not to use in Dogfight mode
Do not use these planes in dogfight mode:
British Lancaster bomber (not very agile)
Russian bomber (not very nimble)
Russian Experimental Jet (doesn't have many guns)
German He 111 bomber (not very agile)
German Experimental Jet (not very agile)

What planes to use in Dogfight mode
These are the planes that you need to use in dogfight mode:
British Spitfire fighter (good mixture of firepower amd agility)
British Mosquito fighter-bomber (heavily armed with guns)
British Meteor experimental jet (fastest/good mixture of firepower and agility)
Russian fighter (good agility)
Russian fighter-bomber (good agility)
German ME 109/BF 109 fighter (same as the enemy's plane/good mixture of firepower and agility)
German JU-87 "Stuka" fighter-bomber (it has an extra rear-gunner/good agility)

Unlimited altitude
If you go as high as you can and do barrel roll you can go higher (works better with controls 2 and 3.

Plane glitch
Get one get a lot of missions done. Earn one special projects plane chose a mission not on the one where the plane you got is go to the other mission and chose continue. You will fly the plane you got on a different campaign.

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