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Monday, October 31, 2016

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Nintendo Wii Cheats

Unlock Sinking Swamp World
Complete each of the default eight worlds without using any continues to earn a crown in all of them to unlock a ninth world called "Sinking Swamp".

World 10
Complete World 9 without using any continues.

Staff Credits mini-game
You have to finish World 1 to unlock an option for the Staff Credits mini-game at the Options menu.

Unlock Grandpa
To unlock the new character named Grandpa, simply get a "complete" status on every stage in the game. To get a comple status, collect all bananas and hidden bananas as well.

World 9
Complete Worlds 1-8 without continuing.

Baby Robo
To unlock the minigame version of Baby for use in the main game, play each minigame at least once. If you've forgotten which games you've already tried, the game displays a play count on each minigame. After playing each minigame once, you need to play one more minigame of your choice so that the game will save your stats. Baby Robo will now be available in the main game. Note that to select Baby Robo, you have to highlight Baby on the character select screen and press 1.

Worlds 9 & 10- For world 9 (sinking swamp):
Beat World 1 up to World 8 (That means beating Monkey island up to Space Case without using ANY continues)

For World 10 (Ultra heaven):
Beat World 9 without using continues.

Play as Grampa (no joke):
Get every single banana in every level(also in those Special Stages)

*Note that Ultra Heaven does not have a boss. Just beat Ultra heaven with out using continues to beat it.


Unlock Staff Credits game
Simply beat the first World to unlock the Staff Credits game under the Options menu

Unlock Worlds 9 and 10
In order to unlock Worlds 9 and 10, do the following:
Unlockable --- How to Unlock
World 10 --- Complete World 9 without continuing.
World 9 --- Complete Worlds 1-8 without continuing.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Super Metroid Nintendo Wii Cheats

Easiest ending
Beat the game making sure your file has more than 10 hours on it.

Best Ending
Beat the game in under 3 hours.

2nd Best Ending
Beat the game within 3:01-10:00

Higher Jump
In Super Metroid, when you get the Gravity Suit, you can move underwater freely. However, there is a trick that you can use to jump higher underwater. First, find a location that is fully submerged in water. Try a room in Maridia or the room before Lower Norfair (the ones with filled with Lava) Next, hold the jump button. Immediatly after you press it, press pause. Go to the inventory menu and switch off the gravity suit. Hold the jump button and unpause the game. You will jump higher than normal. Use this trick to get the screw attack before the space jump.

Kill Draygon in one hit
As soon as the boss fight with Draygon begins, note the four turrets firing electricity from the walls - two on either side. Before Draygon even shows up, blast away all four turrets with charge shots. See how the turrets spew out electricity after being killed? Equip the Grapple Beam and get ready to use this to your advantage. Instead of fighting Draygon the normal way, allow him to grab you. While he's swinging you about the room, use the Grapple Beam to latch on to one of the panels on the wall that was once occupied by a turret. The electricity will go through the Grapple Beam, through your suit, and to Draygon himself. Samus will stay locked on until Draygon dies.

Save the Zebes Critters
When you are escaping during the countdown at the very end of the game, don't go straight to your ship from Crateria's caves. Instead, go to the room where you first acquired the morph ball bombs. Inside should be the critters that helped you escape certain rooms earlier in the game. Once they leave the room, you can exit too from where you entered. Saving them will affect the ending.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Super Meat Boy Nintendo Wii Cheats

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
4 Color Meat Boy --- Collect 80 bandages.
4Bit Meat Boy --- Collect 60 bandages.
8Bit Meat Boy --- Collect 40 bandages.
Alien Hominid --- Collect 30 bandages.
Commander Video (Bit Trip) --- Complete the Warp Zone in World 1.
Flywrench --- Complete The Fly Guy! Warp Zone in World 4-18.
Gish --- Collect 10 bandages.
Jill (Mighty Jill Off) --- Complete the Warp Zone in World 2.
Meat Ninja --- Have 100% game completion. Note
Ninja (N+) --- Collect 100 bandages.
Ogmo (Jumper) --- Complete The Jump Man! Warp Zone in World 3-16.
Pink Knight (Castle Crashers) --- Collect 90 bandages.
Spelunky --- Collect 70 bandages.
The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy) --- Complete The Guy! Warp Zone in World 5-7.
Tim (Braid) --- Collect 50 bandages.

Glitch levels
For this you have to beat the Boss of any chapter. Replay the levels in that chapter to randomly encounter a glitched version of Bandage Girl. Reach her to unlock a new Glitch level in that chapter.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Super Mario World Nintendo Wii Cheats

Strange Mario walk
Quickly hold L + R + X + Y + Up when the Princess is freed in the final level. Mario will walk strangely during the ending credits.

Strange Mario jump
Duck, then jump to have Mario jump while crouching.

High jumps
Jump with Yoshi, then spin jump off Yoshi.

Climb and carry item
Stand next to a vine with an item. Hold Up and release Y to throw the object into the air, and quickly climb the vine while holding Y. Mario will automatically catch the item as it falls, and may continue to climb the vine.

Break blocks with Yoshi
When you press A on a block (not the "?" or the "!" block), you can break it. If you are on Yoshi, and he is on top of the breakable block, press A. You should be flying off Yoshi. As you go down, try to go on Yoshi again. If accomplished, you should be on Yoshi breaking blocks.

With a Yoshi and a Feather, stand on some blocks that you can break. Hold A and you will spin off Yoshi. Then, land on Yoshi and you will start to break blocks. In the air, press A and you will spin very high.

Instant large Yoshi
In the Star Road levels, grab and hold a baby yoshi then immediately feed it a Star (the item that makes Mario invincible for a brief period of time). It will instantly grow into a big Yoshi. This is especially useful when you need to act fast and you do not have time to feed it six enemies.

Fly further
When you get a Cape and have taken flight, wait until Mario slowly drops. Then, press Back to make him go into the air a little bit higher while advancing forward. He will then start to fall, but you can repeat this as many times as needed to get past difficult parts or to get secret items in the sky. If you have good timing and accuracy, you can actually fly past an entire level.

All exits marked as complete
There are a total of 96 exit points throughout the game. After you find all of these exits, save the game, reset, then go to the area that lists the three files. You will then see a number 96 with a star by it, next to the file you completed the game with. Note: Make sure you have completed the Star Worlds by using the secret and non-secret exits. Also do this with the other worlds that have secret exits.

Reuse P
Use Yoshi in any level with a P. Immediately after stepping on the P, turn around and eat it again. Yoshi will gulp it, you can then spit it out. When it comes out, the P will be full again.

Boss skip
After completing Soda Lake, go to the Star and warp. Then, complete the road until you reach the Star in the bottom right corner. This will takes you directly to Bowser. You can skip a maximum of six Bosses with this trick.

Secret pathways
There are different level colors (yellow and red) in the game. Red indicates that it leads to a secret pathway. Yellow indicates that it leads to a regular pathway.

Maximum lives
Find Yoshi and place a power-up that is not already in use in the item box. Enter a previously completed course and find a berry that is positioned just above Yoshi's mouth. Press Select to drop the power-up from the item box. Have Yoshi jump so that he eats the berry and the power-up at the same time. The game will freeze and the coin total will increase rapidly. Press Start + Select to exit the level after accumulating ninety-nine lives.

Go to the Forest of Illusion 1 with a cape, Locate the section with the caterpillars on the logs. Instead of killing the caterpillars, jump up and hold Y + B and try to land the first caterpillar on the head so it's hat falls off. Repeat this for the second and third caterpillars. After hitting the third caterpillar, return to the first caterpillar (his hat will be back on). Repeat this procedure until symbols begin appearing above the caterpillar's heads. Use this trick to collect coins, lives and points, but make sure you do not run out of time.

Go to Vanilla Doom Secret Area 3. Move past the middle of the area to find a location where if Mario pushes a yellow block, a P will appear. Use this P at the middle of the area, then return to the beginning of the area. All the turtles should have been changed into gray coins. Collect all the coins to gain more than sixty lives.

Go to Yoshi's
Island 2. At the beginning of the level, pick up the shell and throw it at all the Koopas on the platform. Hit all the question blocks and a few will result in extra lives. Then, get to the midpoint of the level and go down the first blue pipe after this point. Take the blue blocks and throw them at the flying question blocks, or if you have Yoshi, make him jump, then jump off him at the blocks. After getting the extra life, go out and backtrack -- the extra life will still be there. Return as many times as needed to collect it again.

Complete the
Forest of Illusion 1. Reach the midpoint and hit the flashing block when it becomes a feather. Wait for it to become a Starman, and then collect it. Then, continue on through the level and kill everything that appears. After the Starman expires, press Start and press Select to exit out the stage. Then, return to start at the midpoint. Get the Starman again, kill everything, and repeat until 99 lives are obtained.

Go to the
Forest Of Illusion 4. When first starting, jump on the green turtle shell and take it to the pipe to the right. Jump and take the extra kufe from the Laiktu. Kick it at the pipe and it will bounce back and forth. The Laiktu in the pipe and in the cloud will throw Spikeys in the pit. Stand there and jump over an occasional Spikey until 99 lives are collected. Note: Make sure that time does not run out during the trick.

Go to either the first
Koopa Castle, Iggy, or the fourth, Ludwig Von Koopa. Get to the area where you climb on the fences. As long as you do not touch the ground, you should jump on (not punch) the climbing turtles. After jumping on several, you will get extra lives. The fourth castle is a better place for this trick because it is bigger and have some turtles that regenerate.

Once you have unlocked secret area above the Donut Ghost House #1, get Yoshi, then go to the secret area. Keep going in the area again and go to the "?" where you get Yoshi. You will see a extra life appear. Repeat as many times as needed.

Complete all of the Special levels in
Star Road. Also, it is preferred that you have already completed the level involved in this trick. The level is right after the Ghost House in Vanilla Dome. Enter the level and make your way to the half-way marker, making sure to break the tape between the posts. This will make the trick much easier to perform. Now, continue through the level a bit further. You will see a yellow masked Koopa on a platform. Bounce on it to knock it out of its shell, but make sure that it does not fall off of the platform. Allow it to get back into the shell so it starts spinning wildly. Jump onto the tall, narrow platform to the right of the platform that the yellow masked Koopa is on and remain there. The yellow masked Koopa will spin off of the platform it was originally on and will fall onto the ground to the left of the tall, narrow platform and will continuously smash against it. Since the Bullet Bills in the level have pre-set paths, they will not hit you from the position that you are in. Instead, most of them will hit the spinning shell. After the shell hits several Bullet Bills, you will begin gaining two extra lives at a time. If you have already completed the level, wait until the timer has about five to ten seconds remaining. Then, press Start to pause game play, and then press Select to exit the level. If you have not accumulated the desired amount of lives, re-enter the level. You will start at the half-way marker. Repeat the trick until you have the maximum number of lives.

Go to the Forest Of Illusion 1 and get the star out of the box near the half way point. Run and kill all the enemies on the way to the end of the level. Repeat this to get up to 99 lives.

Defeating Bowser
Wait until Bowser tosses a pair of MechaKoopas at you. Knock one out, then grab it and toss it up at Bowser. To do this, press X to pick it up, hold X and press Up, then release X. If timed correctly, it will hit Bowser in the head. After hitting Bowser twice, he will fly away. Small fireballs will fall from the top of the screen -- avoid them. When Bowser returns, the Princess will appear and toss either a mushroom or a flower at you. Bowser's floating thing will flip upside down, and a ball of blue will fall out and roll at you. Jump over it -- you cannot stand on it. He will eventually toss more MechaKoopas at you. Use the same method done earlier. After hitting him twice, Bowser will fly away again. More fireballs will fall from the top, the Princess will toss something at you, and Bowser will return again. This time, he will bounce around madly on the floor with his flying clown propeller. Do not touch the propeller. Eventually, he will stop and either flip upside down and drop a ball at you, or toss more MechaKoopas at you. Toss the MechaKoopas back at him. After hitting him three times, he will fly away and the Princess will fall out of the sky.

Moon star
On the map that features that various levels that can be selected, enter the cave. To the right is a level where you ride on skeleton heads on lava the entire time. In the middle there is a piece of land with two yellow tunnels. Inside is a turtle and a cape. Get the cape and run on the left side of the tunnels until you have enough power to fly to the ceiling. Go all the way to the left to find a compartment area with a moon item. Get it and you will have three or four lives.

Castle 2: Bonus area
Enter castle number 2 with a cape, avoid the Thwimps, and fly up through the small opening in the ceiling on the left. This will take you to a bonus area.

Donut Ghost House: Secret area
Enter the Donut Ghost House in Donut Plains with flying power. After entering, fly directly above where the door is located to reach a walkway. Move all the way across the walkway and fall at the end to reach four yellow blocks and a door. Enter the door to reach a ending goal. Walk into it to get to a top secret area which Mario can enter at any time to get Yoshi, fire power, and flying power.

Donut Plains 2: Faster way to Bowser
Get to Donut Plains 2. Go to the area with the pipes, jump up, and go though the last pipe in the line. Put the key in the hole and go and push the green button. Go back to Donut Plains 1 and get a feather. Keep going until reaching the green wall. Run up the wall with the feather and put the key in the hole. Go to the level that is now open. Get to the P button, pick it up, and carry it to blocks. Set it down and push it. Go through the coins and get the key. Put it in the hole and go to the Ghost House. G to the area where you get the P button. Go to the brown door, push the button, and get on boxes. Jump and climb the vine, then go though the silver door. Defeat the big Boo, go to the star, and get the key in Everyone Down. When you get to the bottom right level, go though the Star transporter and go to the Castle.

Jump down from the edge after you complete the Haunted House that you came to from the water. Go to the tube and enter it to get to a cliff by Bowser's Castle. Press A + B + X + Y + R + L to jump off to Bowser's Castle.

Forest Fortress: Extra lives
Get a cape and go to Forest Fortress. At the end of the level, do not go through the big red Boss doors. Instead walk a little to the left and jump up onto the little ledge. Go to the right, and there will be a platform just big enough to fly from. You will notice a pool of lava there. Use your cape to fly over it, keeping balance. Be careful of the fireballs. At the end of the lava, you will find a compartment with 10 to 15 extra life mushrooms and a Boss door to take you to the same place as the original door.

Super Special Area
Complete Star World 5 with a key (need all switches pushed) and go to the Super Special Area. Beat all the boards in the Super Special Area to get a super ending. At the end of the last special world, the message "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER" will be spelled with coins. A teleporter will take Mario to Yoshi's House, with a map in different colors.

Valley Of Bowser: Secret key
In the ghost house, hit the first P switch, and run as fast as you can to the right until you reach the last door (and a free extra life). Go in, but do not hit the P switch yet. Carry it over the tempting coin pyramid, and jump into what appears to be a dead-end (except the door that goes back to the beginning). Hit the question mark box and create a staircase of coins by directing them with the D-pad. You do not have to hold it down -- they will keep going in the last given direction until they hit a wall or coins. After you have made a staircase with them, hit the P switch, and climb up quickly to find a secret key. It also helps if you are small, but it is possible to get in there when you are big -- just duck and jump.

On the first ghost house (not the secret one), get a feather and run to the right. Then run back to the left where you began and fly up. Run to the right to the secret key, and you will be taken to the Top Secret Area.

Secret keys
Donut Plains 1: Take a Yoshi (unless you complete the green switch palace) and a Cape Feather. Go near the end of course and fly up the row of green blocks.

Donut Plains 2: Proceed until you see a short pipe. Go up the pipe (as big Mario) and break the blocks. Get the shell, throw it at the highest block, and climb the vine.

Vanilla Dome 1: Take a Yoshi (unless you hit the red switch) and
Cape. Get to the red blocks and jump. While in the air, jump off Yoshi and aim for the yellow block. (Repeat aiming for the top of the block.) Climb the vine.

Vanilla Dome 2: Go on top of the second block that normally has a flower. Jump onto the high platform. Grab and carry the P-switch to the block barrier. Stomp on it and go down the hole that now has coins on the roof. Fall onto the platform, get the key, and swim to the keyhole.

Top Secret Area
In Donut Plains, there is a Ghost House -- not the one with the Big Boo, but the one to the north. Make sure that Mario has a Cape and use it. At the beginning of the level, run and fly up. You will get on a platform. When you do, proceed until you find a different way down. There will be invisible Ghosts waiting. Ignore them and hit the blocks to get extra lives. Then, get to the goal and you will unlock a hidden level. This small area has no enemies, just refills: Yoshi, extra lives, Capes, Mushrooms, and Flowers. Go here to recover after you are hurt badly.

Top Secret Area: Quick Mario jumps
Note: The following trick requires a controller a auto-fire feature. Get Yoshi and Super Mario. Go to a set of two blocks, turn on the auto-fire, and hold the jump and dismount buttons. Mario will jump up and down extremely fast.

Red star
Go near a yellow invincibility star, pause game play, then see the different colors it

Luigi in Mario's clothes
Get an invincibility star and pause game play as Luigi. He will either be wearing his own clothes, Fire Flower Luigi clothes, Fire Flower Mario's clothes or Mario's clothes.

Double prizes
Get two holdable items (except for shells) and throw it so it is exactly in back/front of the other item. Dash at it and you will notice you are holding both. Clear the course to get double items.

Waste a Special Key
Get Yoshi to eat the key, then spit it back out so it is next to the keyhole. Jump over the key and the keyhole, so you are on the opposite side of the keyhole from the key. Get Yoshi to eat the key again from across the keyhole. The key will be dragged into the keyhole. The hole will open and close without taking Mario and Yoshi inside.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars Nintendo Wii Cheats

In-game reset
Hold L + R and press Start + Select during game play.

The number of fireworks bought during the game determines the type of display at the end. Five fireworks will result in a starburst.

Always run away
If the "Couldn't Run!" message appears, press Y and you will be allowed to run.

Hidden chests
Hidden chests can be found at the following locations:

1-3: Mushroom Kingdom
Bandits Way
5-6: Rose Town
7-12: Forest Maze
13-14: Pipe Vault
15: Yo Ster Island
Booster Pass
18-21: Booster Tower
22: Marrymore
23: Sunken Ship
24-29: Lands End
Monstro Town
Bean Valley
34-38: Nimbus Land
39: Factory

Best armor for characters
Equip the indicated armor for best effect with the following characters.

Mario: Lazy Shell, Super Suit, Attack Scarf
Bowser: Drill Claw, Courage Shell, Amulet
Princess: Frying Pan, Lazy Shell, Jynx Belt
Geno: Star Gun, Work Pants, Safety Badge
Mallow: Sonic Cymbals, Legendary Pants, Safety Ring

Note: You can have either Princess (recommended) or Geno as your third person. If Geno is the third person, give him the Jynx Belt instead of giving it to the princess. Geno can either wear the Work Pants (recommended) or the
Legendary Cape. The Work Pants will keep his attack up.

Another effective set-up is as follows:

Mario: Lazy Shell, Super Jacket, Attack Scarf
Mallow: Sonic Cymbals, Prince Pants, Safety Ring
Geno: Star Gun, Star Cape, Jinx Belt
Bowzer: Drill Claw, Heal Shell, Quartz Charm
Princess: Frying Pan, Lazy Shell, Rare Scarf

Note: Princess is not a fighter, and the Lazy Shell does not effect her magic abilities enough to make it useless. The Rare Scarf when combined with the Lazy Shell has most of the same effects as the Safety Ring.

Another effective set-up is as follows:

Mario: Lazy Shell, Doom Glove, Fireball
Mallow: Legendary Pants, Hurricane Helmet, Super Shield
Geno: Legendary Cape, Star Sword, Star Charm
Bowser: Courage Shell, Razor Talon, Quartz Charm
Toadstool: The usual
Wario: Super Jacket, Doom Glove, Triple-Team Charm
Luigi: Mega Suit, Doom Glove, Double-Team Charm

Super armor
Find the Rare Scarf and the Lazy Shell armor (not the weapon). Equip them both on the same character. That person will only take 1 HP from most attacks, although some of Smithy's magic attacks can do 12-48 HP and the Axem Ranger Breaker Beam can do 6-36 HP depending on the person's level. Note: Equipping both the Lazy Shell armor and the Rare Scarf will drop the offense a lot -- against strong enemies that character may only be able do 1 HP of damage. Try equipping Toadstool with those items so that she can take less damage and keep the other characters healed.

Easy freebies
When using an item, press X immediately after the stars around the character start to fade. Your chances of getting a freebies will be increased.

Better Geno boost
Press Y prior to the attack up notice. You will hear a different sound. This will allow attack and defense up instead of only attack.

Best weapons
You can find the powerful weapons for each character except for Mario and The Princess in Bowser's Castle. Mario's best weapon is the Lazy Shell. To obtain it, you must first have the seeds and fertilizer. You get the seed after fighting the plant in Bean Valley to get into Nimbus Land. After it has been defeated, you will see a sheet of paper fall to the ground. Go to it and then you will be asked if you want to take it. Do so. Then after you defeat Queen Valentina, return back to Nimbus Land. Go out to where all the shops are and move to the far right. Somewhere at that location is a invisible track to walk on. Go down it and to find a Shy Away. He will give you the fertilizer if you let him go. Next, go to Rose Town. Move in the same direction you are facing when you entered Rose Town. In the back you should see an opening. Enter and you will see a house. Enter it and talk to the man. After the conversation, a bean stalk will grow. Climb up and get the Lazy Shell. You will also get armor called Lazy Shell.

The Princess best weapon is the Frying Pan. Go to Molesville and enter the shop. You should see a man wearing a blue hat behind the counter. You first have to buy two items from him before you can buy the Frying Pan. The first one cost 100 coins, the next is 200, and the Frying Pan is 300.

9999 HP
Put Geno in your party, and acquire his "Geno Whirl" technique. Press Y immediately after the "whirl" leaves the screen, and a crackling sound will be heard. Note: This also may be done with Bosses and mini-Bosses such as Czar Dragon, but is difficult to execute.

Level raising
Use the following strategy to balance out your characters' strengths. When a character reaches an even numbered level (2, 4, 6), choose the HP bonus. When a character reaches an odd numbered level (3, 7, 9), choose the offense/defense bonus. When a character reaches a level that is a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15), choose the magic bonus. This will balance your character's strengths very well.

Make sure you have the Exp. Booster (buy from Frogfucious' student in
Seaside Town) and Lucky Jewel (buy for 100 coins from the explorer in Moleville.) Equip your team as follows:

Mario: Lazy Shell, Fuzzy Shirt (or higher), Exp. Booster
Geno: Hand Cannon (or higher),
Fuzzy Cape (or higher), Safety Ring
Toadstool: War Fan (or higher), Lazy Shell, Jinx Belt
Enter the fight with Culex. Use the Lucky Jewel sometime during the fight, and defeat him and the four crystals. When you win, you should have 244 experience points, and no coins. Then, play the Yoshi Bonus Game. Guess correctly to earn 488 experience points.

Note: This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature. After you defeat Croco and get Mallow's grandpa's coin back, go to
Mushroom Kingdom. You will find a group of Shy Guys on pogo sticks (their names are Shyster). Make sure you are about level 6, and are equipped with the Hammer (Mario), Shirt (Mario), Jump Shoes (Mario), Pants (Mallow), and Antidote Pin (Mallow). Stand in front of the door of the castle, You will see a group of Shysters coming out of it. Set the auto-fire to A, so that when the Shysters collide with you , the battles will be fought automatically. Keep the system on to automatically get levels. Keep in mind that the maximum level is 30. You do not really have to worry about getting a game over while the game runs unattended -- when you level up, you will fully recover automatically. However, when you level up, you will get extra HP instead of choosing what you want, but every stat goes up anyway.

Belome's Temple: Item room
At the end of the Belome's Temple, there is a room full of items that you do not enter, therefore Belome does not leave. Go to Monstro Town and look for the key on top of the hill. Enter the door under the key and talk with the blue block behind the table five times. Skirt around the house to see a fallen key. Collect it and go to the Belome's Temple. Return to that room again and give the key for Belome to eat. You may now enter the room and collect many items.

Booster's Tower: Get a Star Egg
Get the bright card from the Knife Guy in Booster's Tower. Find the hidden casino and talk to the owner. Talk to him again until he says to play the "Look the Other Way" game. If you win enough times, he will give you a Rock Candy. If you win even more, about 100 times, he will give you a reusable battle item called the "Star Egg". It does 100 damage against everyone you battle, and you can always use it again. This is especially helpful against Culex and his Crystals.

Forest Maze: Easy frog coins
Go to the Forest Maze and jump on the centipede. Each jump will result in a coin, with eight jumps giving you a frog coin.

Land's End: Level up
When you arrive underground in Land's End there will be two stars, one in the treasure box at the save point, and another that can be bought for 400 coins. Get the first star and you should have enough time to knock everyone out up until you fall down the hole with the Gecko creatures. Look for the man behind the boxes and buy a Star. You should also knock out all the creatures. Whichever three party members you use, un-equip them to the point where they have absolutely nothing. Fight Belome and intentionally die. This will return you to the save point where you can get two new Stars. Repeat this process as needed to gain levels. It is recommended that Mario is equipped with the Exp. Booster (found in Seaside Town, Elder's House, upstairs, 22 frog coins) so he benefits the most.

Marrymore: Easy money
Go to the Marrymore hotel. Tell the owner that you want to rest. Rest at the Suite for 200 coins. Once you arrive in the Suite room, ring the bell that is on the table nearby for room service. Buy as many Kerocola's as you can. Note: The Kerocola's there cost 150 coins. You may pay the toad the tip if desired. Rest, or exit the hotel. Talk to the owner, (three times if you rested) and say that you want to buy something. Sell all your Kerocola's that you bought. For each Kerocola you sell, you will receive 200 coins.

Mushroom Kingdom: Hidden hints
There is a place in the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario can go to talk to someone off-screen for help. There is a person behind the building that is below the main castle who will give Mario occasional hints and/or suggestions as to what to do next or what to watch out for. Have Mario walk behind the smaller building and the person will start talking. You can never see him/her, but what he/she says is visible.

Finding Grate Guy's casino
You need the Bright Card if you want to get into the casino. You can get it from Knife Guy in Booster's tower. Work you way through his tower until you encounter Knife Guy. You will have to play many games of guess which hand the ball is in. After awhile he will give you the Bright Card. You may need talk to the man in the inn at Nimbus Land. If you read his card, it would say that to get to Grate guy's casino it would take three jumps and no chomps allowed. Go to the Bean Valley, and if you travel long enough, you will find a place where a Shy Away is watering some plants. Wait for it to water one and fight. Go into the pipe after it has been defeated. Do this until you are in a room where a Gold Chomp is in the corner. Defeat it and go to the very corner of the left side of the room. Jump three times. You should hear a noise for every jump. After the third jump a yellow stand should appear. Jump on it and leave the room. You should now be right in front of the casino. You are now free to play with the slots and blackjack. You get a frog coin every time you win, which is a good way to get them.

20 coins and free H.P. recovery
There is a area immediately before you find Bowser for the first time (but you do not have him as a partner) which is filled with five treasure boxes. There are Bandits and Shy Guys there trying to stop you. Try to uncover everything in each treasure box. Four of the treasure boxes contains five coins and one of the treasure boxes has a Mushroom. Exit the area and reenter to collect them again.

Super Mario Brothers music
Wait at "The End" screen until the music from the original Super Mario Brother music begins playing in lullaby style.

Standing Mallow
When you are in the Coal Mines for the first time, have Mario jump on a trampoline that smiles. Croco should appear and take your money. Chase him and get into a fight. Mallow must be KOed for this to work. Weaken Croco so that he takes your items. If Mallow is already taken out when he does this, Mallow should be standing up even though he is taken out.

Walk on water
In the Sunken Ship, find the area of water in the ship with the two enemy fish. Jump on a fish and defeat him. You will then walk on the water. Note: To get back to normal jump back on shore.

Walk through door
Use the following glitch to walk through a door in the Mushroom Kingdom. Find the girl that can make you dizzy if you jump on her head. You also must have Bowser. Walk up to the girl and her house [Left]. Open the door and talk to her. Bowser will scare her into her house. When this normally happens, she will open the door to get in, and then close it behind her. But since the door is open, she "re-opens" it and then closes it. You can now walk through the door without it opening.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Super Mario Kart Nintendo Wii Cheats

Mini racers
Select the Mario Kart GP mode. Hold Y and press A at the character selection screen to shrink your racer. Alternatively, highlight a character and press A + B + X + Y.

150cc class
Win a gold in the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cup races in the 100cc class followed by a gold in the Special Cup race. A 150cc class option will appear on the class selection screen.

Race a ghost CPU
Select the One Player Time Trial mode. Press Start on controller two at the player selection screen. The word "COM" will flash in one of the boxes above the drivers. Use controller two to choose the CPU player, then choose your player and start game play.

Race yourself
Select Time Trial mode, choose a character and begin game play. Finish the race with a first place time. Select the "Retry" option to race against yourself.

Special cup tracks
Select Time Trial mode, choose a racer, and press Left to highlight the Mushroom Cup. Press L, R, L, R, L(2), R(2), A. A Special cup option will appear under the Star cup.

Switch screens
Begin a One Player Grand Prix race and press B on controller two. Select a One Player game with controller two. Hold L + R and press Start on controller two. Select the class, driver, and track with controller two and begin game play.

Rotate screens
Enter Time Trial mode, choose a character and begin racing. During game play, do not hit anything or fall off the track. Select the "Retry" option after the race. Press R and L to rotate the screen.

Disable music
Rapidly tap Start until the music ends. The game will continue with only sound effects until a star is used.

Turbo start
Hold B just as the Lakitu's first light flashes.

Stay in control
If you hit a banana or other slippery object, hold A + B. If done correctly, a music note (eighth or double eighth) will appear and you will not slip and be able continue driving normally.

Item tricks
Bananas: Press Up and fire to shoot the banana a good distance ahead instead of laying it behind you.

Green Turtle Shell: Press Down and fire to plant it behind you instead of shooting it out.

Feather: Save it on the
Ghost Valley on mushroom cup. Instead of turning after the long speed bump, go straight ahead and use it to leap to the extended ledge and get to the finish line faster.

Rear view mirror
Select One Player Time Trial or Mario Kart GP modes. Press X during game play.

Extra credits
Finish three races in the same position.

Drive in the dark
Begin game play in Battle Mode. When a player has one balloon remaining, hold B until losing a life. The player may continue to race in the dark.

Map on top
Plug a controller into port two. Power on the SNES. Highlight one player mode on the main menu. Hold L + R and press Start(2). Select the engine class, driver, and track. Begin game play to race with the map on top and the race screen on the bottom.

Reset all saved data
Press L + R + Y + A at the title screen.

Reset race times
Press L + R + Y + A at the appropriate time trial.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Play as Luigi in Any Level
For this you have to beat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator for the first time, then check the Mail Toad for a message from him. Look for the L on the Spaceship, enter it, and then you become Luigi.

Unlock Green Prankster Comets
After getting all 120 stars, beat Bowser in the final battle again. After the credits, a scene will play with Rosalina and after the cutscene, Green Prankster Comets will appear over each Galaxy.

Secret World
Beat the game once.

Green Star Challenge
Collect all 120 stars and beat bowser and you will get a new cutscene with Rosalina reading about the green star to her "children".

Banker Toad's Items
The toad that banks your star bits will unlocks some items as you deposit more star bits. Those are not for Mario, he will simply use them himself.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Diver Toad --- Deposit 6000 star bits
Explorer Toad --- Deposit 9000 star bits
Glasses --- Deposit 1000 star bits
Pickaxe --- Deposit 4000 star bits
Spear and shield --- Deposit 2000 star bits
The Perfect Run (Grandmaster Galaxy Daredevil Run) --- Deposit 9999 star bits

Grandmaster Galaxy
Collect all 240 stars(Includes Normal Stars, Prankster Comet Stars, and Green Stars).

Alternate Ending
Collect 120 Stars to see an alternate ending cutscene with Rosalina reading to Lumas and discussing Green Stars.

Grandmaster Galaxy Comet, "The Perfect Run"
Near the level list signpost on the main platform of Starship Mario is a Toad Banker who will store your star bits so other save profiles can use them. If you deposit 9999 star bits into the Toad Bank and you'll unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy (Daredevil) Comet, "The Perfect Run". You will NOT be notified or shown the Comet arriving at the galaxy. Just go there and play it!

Death Count
Beat The Perfect Run (the Comet for The Grandmaster Galaxy) to unlock a death count for your game on your save profile. This number appears in the upper right above your Star count. It's probably pretty high.

Unlock All Luigi Ghosts
Collect 9999 coins and you will automatically unlock all the Luigi ghosts.

Coconuts Turn Into Watermelons
Collecting 9999 Star Bits Turned All Coconuts Into Watermelons

Infinite Lives
This fantastic cheat will get you 99 lives easily -- you can always return for more! Go to the Supermassive Galaxy in World 4 and choose the first Star challenge. Play through the level until you get to the hockey puck-shaped planet with three supermassive Koopa turtles patrolling it. DO NOT grab the Spin Drill -- you'll have to get hit to lose it if you do! Run up behind a Koopa and long-jump (press Z while running and then press JUMP) onto its back. You need to long-jump from about a turtle-shell-length behind it to catch the "sweet spot." Continue to hold the analog stick to the RIGHT and hold JUMP to continually bounce off the Koopa's shell. If you fall off or hit the head, try again. If you hold these buttons you should be able to maintain momentum while constantly bouncing on the shell. After a few bounces you'll rack up 1-Ups for each hit.

1-Up Mushrooms on Spaceship Mario
You can collect several 1-Up Mushrooms on Spaceship Mario. As you collect stars, the following 1-Up options will appear on Spaceship Mario.
1. Grab Yoshi off of the "nose" and use the star pegs to swing up to a hidden island with 10 fruit. Eat them all for a 1-Up.
2. Grab a Cloud Flower and make platforms to reach a 1-Up on a cloud high above.
3. Spin into the random item block for a chance at a 1-Up.
4. Near Mario's left ear (your right) is a warp pipe that takes you to a 1-Up minigame. Feed the Luma to spin a number of random item blocks for a chance to win 1-Ups.
5. Talk to the Gearmo Robots when they show up on the planet to receive 1-Ups.

Luigi on Title Screen
Exit the game while playing as Luigi instead of Mario and you'll see his face on the title screen (as long as you chose Mario's for your default profile face).

Super Punt
When you are close to a Hammer Bro., do a long jump and spin. Mario will kick him down, then finish him of with another kick.

Skate Backwards
While on ice, press Z to skate backwards! It looks really cool!

Co-Op Sound Effects
In co-op mode, player 2 can press any button to make wacky sound effects! UP, DOWN, LEFT, AND RIGHT will make sound effects on the 1st player's Wii-Mote while -, +, 1, and 2 will make sound effects on the 2nd player's.

Super Ground Pound
Jump, shake the Wii-Remote to spin and QUICKLY press Z to perform a super ground pound. This move will allow you to hone-in on enemies below you; a heat-seeking butt-stomp, if you will.

Infinite 1 Ups
Go to SuperMassive Galaxy. as you enter continue to the planet with the three giant koopas. (This is much easier with two people.) If you hold down one of the koopas and continue to jump on the koopa you will eventually start geting 1 ups. You can have up to 99 lives.

Yoshi's Infinite Flutter Jump
This tricky move, when perfected, can allow you to reach untold heights and explore off-limits areas. Jump and hold A to "flutter." As Yoshi flutters, TAP Z while still holding A and then release A quickly. Press A again to flutter jump again in MID AIR. The goal is to get Mario to duck, NOT dismount, then quickly flutter again. Try to catch Yoshi at the height of each flutter to perform this maneuver.

Save Your 1-Ups
You usually start the game with 5 lives, even if you save the game. You can use the "Mysterious Letter" to save all of your 1-Ups between gaming sessions -- it's slower than just racking up a bunch of lives using the turtle method each time you begin a game, but here it is anyway: If you start a different save file (you can simply copy your file over), it will automatically pass on all of the lives you had in the other file through Mailtoad. Save and quit, then return to the file you want to play and the lives are passed back again. Note: If you go into the same save file twice in a row you'll get the 5-Up Princess Peach letter instead.

Super Ground Pound
Jump, shake the Wimote to spin, then quickly press Z.

Longer jumps
Get a running start then do a triple jump. As soon as you land, do a long jump to get twice as far. Note: This will be easier to do if there are no gaps to avoid.

Secret 1-Up of Grandmaster Galaxy
Here's how to find it. Go to the part where you use the Cloud Flower. Go to the fan and make a cloud. Make sure that the cloud stops (make sure that you are on the cloud and don't jump off for that time.) Then do a backward sommersault and make a cloud. After that, you should see it. Then jump and get it. The next time you think the is no 1-Up at Grandmaster Galaxy, think again and look at this cheat incase you forget where it is.

Spin Kick
Crouch by holding down the Z button on the nunchuk and shake the Wii Remote to spin to do a Spin Kick. You can crouch to avoid Boomerang Bros. and crouch-walk up to them to kick them. Jump again to perform a second spin immediately with little pause between the two.

Flawless profile
Beat the entire game without dying once, and you will not have a death count. Also to have a complete game, get 9999 coins and star bits, (Including 9999 star bits in the bank) get all 242 stars, and beat each level with luigi to get the luigi ghosts (Excluding green stars). Trust me, I have done this.

Easy coins and starbits
For easy coins, go to the fluffy bluff galaxy and select green star 1. Collect the 8 coins in the tree, theo go to the secret pipe behind the tree and collect all the waves of coins (And get a handful of starbits as well), then get the cloud power and go up to the top of the tree and launch to the big cloud. Then collect all the coins. Then long jump off and use your third cloud to collect the green star. You should have 120 coins and 80 star bits. Repeat this proccess to get max coins. For easy star bits, go to melty monster galaxy and select a stroll down rolling lane. Then repeat this until you have max star bits with you and in the bank. Combined, it should take 6 hours to max out everything.

Easy star bits (2 paths)
Path 1: Go to loopdeeswoop galaxy from the trial galaxies, and complete the level. Then ignore the star and go to your right. Take the long path from the launch star to get up to 200. This method should take 2 to 5 hours to get to max, and it takes 2:33.

Path 2: This is the more difficult path, but faster than the other path. Go to the sling pod galaxy and keep completing the level over and over. You should get 160 star bits each visit, and it only takes
1:30. It should take 2 to 4 hours to reach the maximum star bit count.

Easy way to prevent death
If you are going for a flawless game, you must not die. If you mess up, go to the home menu and then select the wii menu. Go back and try again and kedp doing it if you ever mess up.

The three figures
In shiver burn galaxy, if you go in first person view mode and look at the ice glacier cliff you see three mysterious, bizarrely creepy figures. There texture is known as beyond hellvally sky tree. It is unknown what they are and how they got in the game (literary nintendo didn't even know!).

Mario and yoshi v.s. Bowser
In bowser's galaxy generator, when you reach the pole at the end don't hop off yoshi and climb it, infnit flutter jump until you reach the top of the planet (where the meteors are) stop fluttering and ground pound meteors and then you can fight bowser as yoshi.

Death in the Credits
Grab a Bee Mushroom as the credits roll and wait for the Shiverburn / winter area. When the page flips, fly toward the screen before you land in the snow or even come in view. You should fall to your death. The screen will be black, and you'll hear sound effects from the credits. At the end, it says "THE END" with "TOO BAD" in the background.

Yoshi Infinite Flutters
Jump holding A and before you finish Fluttering (While still holding A) Press Z, then quickly release A, then Press A again. Rinse and repeat.

Lumas give out starbits
Yes they do. To do this you need a second wii remote. Note: it won't work for the following lumas.

1. Lubba.
2. Hungry lumas.
3. Giant lumas from supermassive galaxy.

Connect your second wii remote to your wii. player2 should freeze the luma and then spin while the luma is frozen. this is helpful if you need a few starbits to for example feed a hungry luma wihout taking from bank toad or another galaxy

Monday, October 24, 2016

Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii Cheats

Bonus Levels (Demo version)
Instead of just pressing A + B at the main menu of the demo, press and hold 1 + 2 when pressing A + B to access two additional stages.

Turn into yoshi
Get 31 stars go to the middle of the star ring and press a, b, a, b, c, b, z, z, b, c, a then shake the remote 3 times and spin around then you turn into yoshi.

Hidden Character
Get all 120 stars. Return to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory and request to fight Bowser again. Finish the credits and you will get a message saying that Luigi is now playable.

Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121
To unlock the final star and galaxy, collect all 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser. Doing so unlocks the Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the Star Festival seen in the beginning of the game. Collecting the 100 purple coins in this galaxy gets you the final star.

Unlock Luigi
Collect all 120 Stars then go back to Rosalina at the Comet Observatory and fight Bowser again. Luigi will be unlocked as the main character after the credits.

Use a second Wiimote during game play. Although a second player will not appear, the second Wiimote will have its own pointer, allowing another player to assist by collecting items and helping Mario's jumps.

Grand Finale Galaxy
After you get 120 stars as Luigi, you will unlock the Grand Finale Galaxy for both Luigi and Mario, where Star 121 is found after all 100 purple coins are collected."

Collect 9999 star bits in the hub, and all the coconuts in the game become watermelons.

How to get 121 Power Stars and Unlock Luigi
First to Unlock Luigi, you have to have got all 120 Power Stars. When you have them all, go to the last level where you defeat Bowser on 3 Different Planets. When completed with all 120 Power Stars, you will unlock Luigi. To select him, when you are selecting the file with 120 Power Stars, there will be a Luigi button. To get the Secret Galaxy and the 121st Power Star, you have to complete the last level with Luigi and a NEW Galaxy will open up.

Starting Boost When Racing Shadow Mario
When the countdown timer starts as you are racing Shadow Mario, hold forward, then as it hits 2, hold down on Z to crouch, and when the race starts hit A right away and you will turn yellow for a few seconds and get a really good boost that will put you way ahead of Shadow Mario.

How to kick the robot boss's butt!
This bullet bill flinging bot is easy and well ok its a bit hard but following these steps will give you the POWA! ahem, here's how to do it...

Dodge the bullet bills and dash up the robots arm. No matter which one you run up, you'll get to the head (cuz thats our target)

When you'ue on the head,notice that theres a flashing thing, so you need to distroy it in order to win.

However, you can't ground-pound or spin to hit the thing,but since bullet bills are chaseing you around, then there the only thin to hit the flashing thing.

Lead them to you when you are near the red thing, then jump if it gets too close to you, then in result the stupid missile will not have any time to turn around and BAM!
IT SMACKS IN TO THE RED THING!!!!However, you ARN'T finished with this one Yet!

after the damage,the robot needs hit AGAIN, but this time it puts up three sheilds to defened the flashing thing. This makes hiting harder than last time, so try and lead the bullet bill to hit it. If it hits it, then

Homing attack
Spin in mid-air then immediately press Z to hit the nearest target.

Deep Dark Galaxy: Shortcut
In the Deep Dark Galaxy level you can use the cannon on the beach for a shortcut. Normally you would need to use the cannon to shoot yourself to the nearby planet to get a Fire Flower then use the Jump Star to return to the beach so that you can light the two torches to open the door in the first star, or the three torches to make the Ice Flower appear in the second star. However if you get in the cannon and turn it all the way to the left as far as it will go, you will see two yellow platforms moving up and down. Watch them carefully. When the farthest platform is up, line your crosshairs up with the side of it. Then, wait until the closest platform goes back up and fire yourself in that direction. If timed correctly, the platforms will have switched again and you will hit the side of the furthest platform and fall on the ground. You must hit the wall or you will overshoot and die. This will put you inside the "bowel" area without opening the door on the first star. If you are on the second star you will not have to worry about getting the Ice Flower to cross the lake and jump the faucets. You can just proceed right and climb the poles to get to the Bubble Shooter.

How to beat King Kaliente
When you get up to the boss "King Kaliente", the big squid with a moustache. When fighting him he will shoot firballs at you. Between every fireball he shoots he will shoot a coconut. Hit the coconut back at him by shaking the Wii remote. After this he will shoot another firball and then a coconut. Hit the coconut at him. This time he will hit it back to you. You have to run over to where its going to pass and hit it back. When it hits him he will release some little minions, kill them by shaking the wii remote. If by this point you are low on health, run underneath the planet you are on, there will be some little gold things stuck to the ground around a toad. shoot them with starbits to get some coins wich heal you. Run topside and reapeat the same sequence with Kaliente. This time he will hit it back twice though so be ready. After you hit back a second time he will die and leave a star. When you fight him later on in the game you are on platforms that sink into the lava. Simply repeat what you did before except move around on the platforms to avoid being burned. He is only a bit harder then the first time you fight him but still easy. Congratulations you have defeated King Kaliente! (twice)!

Secret mario abilliy: Rocket mario!
All those powers (fire, bee, etc...) On the comet obsovry, look up, down, brake bricks untill you find a black orb (its so black that black backgrounds make it hard to see)

Green star
Unlock luigi first, go to ghostly galaxy, talk to luigi, obian the star, head to battle rock galaxy, try and find luigi, talk to him, he'll say "Oh,its you. Well i found this star." He'l throw it in to the air. And the star will be green.

The Rocket Mario power up
The rocket mario power up is available in the lobby and the first level, go to the first level (the gate) when it becomes available (when you unlock the last observatory at the top) You will meet a red Luma (after a cut scene) Do the red lumas callenge by collecting all 100 purple coins, then the Rocket power up will be available in the lobby in two places.

Hidden Stars (Toy time galaxy)
Go to the 2nd mission. Go to the planet with the huge screw in it and on one of the planet's sides, there'll be a hungry luma. Feed it 50 starbits and it'll transform into a planet. On the planet, you have to activate all the panels (it's hard. TRUST me.) When they're all activated (yellow,) a star will appear (the hidden star.)

How to get 99 1ups
Go in super massive galaxy and go to the 2nd planet with the big koopa troopas and jump on them for as long as u can.

Buoy Base Galaxy: Pokemon reference
In Buoy Base Galaxy, above the tower where you collected the Blue Star Pieces, is a little planetoid that is a sphere with two red panels on top and a lighter bottom with a screw in the middle. It looks exactly like a Pokeball.

Space Junk Galaxy: Pikmin reference
One of the planets is shaped like Captain Olimar's rocket ship that appeared in Pikmin and Pikmin 2.

Easter eggs + glitches
(easter egg) if you go to the first bee galaxy as you land turn and look away from the planet you should see star bits in the shape of an M.

hint when doing a cosmic race at the start hold the nunchuck forword hold Z and when it says go press A for a boost at the start.

In deep dark galaxy get inside the cannon and launch yourself the for umbrella, MARIO/LUIGI's head should end up in the ground, he would get up and you should jump on the chair and you will fall into the sand.

Super Secret Galaxy(Super Glich Galaxy)
If You Stand On The Ball in the middle You Get Transportation To A Super Secret Galaxy Its A Secret And Hard To Get To And If You Get To The End And Survive You See Rosilina And You Can Actually Unlock Her And Than The Ground Shakes And You Have To Defeat...T.U.B.A From Super Smash Bros Brawl And Hes Teamed Up With Master Hand And Crazy Hand!! But This Glich Only Works If You Need 1 More Star To Complete The Game And You Can Only Go On That Galaxy Once I Hope You Get There :] Bye Reply If You Need Help But Reply At The end Of Your Cheat